Indie Duo Rocoberry’s Roco And Conan Tie The Knot

Duo Rocoberry’s Roco (Oh Ji Yeon) and Conan (Ahn Young Min) are not only working partners, but a married couple now!

They made their debut in 2014 as the duo Rocoberry with Roco in charge of vocals and Conan as a composer. They began dating in 2017 and announced in August that they would tie the knot soon. On September 15, they held their wedding ceremony and officially became a married couple.

The wedding ceremony was a lovely moment, with singer Kim Bum Soo performing a celebratory song for them. The singer had previously promised the couple, “If you write a song about your love story, which is so beautiful it could be a scene of the film ‘Music and Lyrics,’ I will perform it at your wedding.” So Rocoberry really did participate in creating the song “Let’s Call It Love” (literal translation), which features lyrics based on the couple’s actual love story. The song has not been released yet, and Kim Bum Soo performed it for the first time ever at the wedding.

The ceremony was also attended by Davichi, Baek Ji Young, and Sandara Park.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung wrote, “The day our oppa is getting married. Congratulations so, so much. A beautiful, kind, and pretty couple.”

Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri shared more photos and wrote, “Congratulations so, so much on your marriage, Young Min. The two of you were so beautiful and amazing today.”

Baek Ji Young was with them and she also shared moments from the event as she wrote, “Ahn Young Min’s marriage ceremony was held at the Doonchon-dong Oryun Church. You’re smiling so widely that the skin around your lips might stretch too far, Young Min? Davichi’s Min Kyung and Hae Ri were praying very hard for you, so pretty.”

Sandara Park was also at the wedding, having met Rocoberry during her appearance on JTBC’s “Sugar Man.” She wrote, “Roco was such a pretty bride. And Conan was such a cool groom. Congratulations so much on your marriage! I hope your future is full of love, just like all of the countless love songs you’ve written. Please be happy!”

Congratulations to Rocoberry!

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