Song Ji Hyo And Highlight’s Lee Gikwang Make Viewers’ Hearts Flutter On “Lovely Horribly”

KBS 2TV’s “Lovely Horribly” has unveiled a sneak peek of a sweet moment between Song Ji Hyo and Highlight’s Lee Gikwang from its upcoming episode!

In the drama, Lee Gikwang’s character Sung Joong harbors a deep, steadfast one-sided love for Eul Soon (played by Song Ji Hyo), whom he has known since childhood. Allthough Eul Soon has become romantically involved with Philip (played by Park Shi Hoo), their evolving relationship hasn’t stopped Sung Joong from expressing his feelings for her.

During the latest episode, Philip noticed the affectionate way in which Sung Joong took care of Eul Soon, and Sung Joong went so far as to boldly tell him, “I like Eul Soon.”

On September 16, the drama released new stills of Eul Soon and Sung Joong sharing a tender moment in the park. After learning that Sung Joong is “the young kid who sees ghosts” that used to take care of her when she was younger, Eul Soon finds herself becoming even closer to him than ever before.

The photos show the two characters smiling and gazing fondly at each other, highlighting the swoon-worthy chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and Lee Gikwang that has been triggering so many new cases of second lead syndrome among viewers. One of the stills also captures Sung Joong staring lovingly at Eul Soon as she walks away.

The producers of “Lovely Horribly” teased that viewers could look forward to the intensifying love triangle between the three leads, commenting, “Sung Joong, who has been voluntarily acting as Eul Soon’s knight in shining armor up until now, will become even more affectionate towards her, which promises to make the relationships between Philip, Eul Soon, and Sung Joong even more intriguing.”

They added, “Please stay tuned to find out if Sung Joong, who has been charming viewers with his sweet younger-guy appeal, will be able to move Eul Soon’s heart.”

The next episode of “Lovely Horribly” will air on September 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on the latest episode of the drama below!

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