Watch: Song Seung Heon, Krystal, And More Pull Off The Perfect Heist In Highlight Video For “Player”

“Player” has unveiled a highlight video ahead of its premiere!

On September 21, OCN released the clip in which Kang Ha Ri (played by Song Seung Heon), Cha Ah Ryung (played by f(x)’s Krystal), Lim Byung Min (played by Lee Si Eon), and Do Jin Woong (played by Tae Won Suk) get into all sorts of trouble.

In the clip, it is revealed that Jang In Kyu (played by Kim Won Hae), a prosecutor, and the four “players” have a special win-win relationship. Jang In Kyu can be seen bursting into rage at the fact that a chaebol is acquitted of his crimes for lack of evidence. He yells, “If it’s going to be like this, you might as well fix the Constitution as well. The power in South Korea belongs to those who are powerful, and that power comes from the chaebol.” In reply, he is told, “The prosecution [judges based on] the evidence.” Jang In Kyu then declares that he will bring the evidence at all costs.

Jang In Kyu later finds the leader of the four-member team, commenting, “A fighter, scammer, and hunter all gathered in one place. What an amusing combination.” Ha Ri yells, frustrated, “It’s not a law to catch criminals and save innocent people. But why do those guys always walk free and live so well. Why do they make things so advantageous [for themselves] and go on trial with themselves.” In response, Jang In Kyu makes a proposition to Ha Ri to bring back the evidence, and in exchange, he’d overlook them taking the money.

The action scenes officially begin after Jang In Kyu and Ha Ri both agree on their target, albeit their methods had been different. The video then pans to Ah Ryung, who sneakily steals an entrance card, Byung Min, who easily begins his hacking duties, and Jin Woong, who defeats multiple men by himself, as Ha Ri casually says, “Let’s begin.”

The production staff stated, “The released two-minute highlight video draws the situation of the players who jump into the arena to punish corrupt power groups who live in an advantageous reality for the sake of those who should have a fair law. The premiere of ‘Player,’ which will be a means of catharsis through Song Seung Heon, Krystal, Lee Si Eon, and Tae Won Suk’s fantastical team plays, fresh punishments, and flashy action scenes, is just one week away. Please look forward to it until its first broadcast.”

Check out the video below!

“Player” will air is first episode on September 29 at 10:20 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!

Check out a trailer here:

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