VIXX's N Talks About Admiration For Ji Sung And Members' Coffee Truck For Han Ji Min

VIXX’s N recently sat down for an interview to talk about the finale of his recent drama “Familiar Wife.”

During the interview, N stated, “I felt hopeless and emotional for the finale of ‘Familiar Wife.’ It was such a touching piece. I don’t want to forget about it, and it stills seems like I have my heart set on KCU Bank. It still doesn’t feel real. I feel like I’ll have to go to the bank in the morning.”

N then talked about fellow co-star Ji Sung. “At first, I was too nervous. [Our] first scene was one where I meet Ji Sung at the hospital. It was a scene in which I had to kick the bed and tell him off. I was still lacking then. Ji Sung just adjusted his acting to mine, which differed from his [usual] acting, but I still feel grateful.” He continued, “If Han Ji Min and Ji Sung turn their attention towards Hwan [N’s character], the scene comes to life. Even if it’s a small scene, [they’ll] still concentrate on Hwan, watch him once more, and give great reactions. I was touched and thankful.”

He then expressed his admiration for the two actors as they had to act as their characters starting from their university days to their lives as a married couple. He found them both cool and charming.

The conversation then turned to “VIXX’s coffee truck.” Previously, the VIXX members had sent a coffee truck to the “Familiar Wife” set to support not N, but instead Han Ji Min.

N remarked, “After discussing it with the other members, our youngest member Hyuk sent [the truck]. I tend to go to cheer for the members. I’m proud when everyone is doing their personal activities, and I like to see the light. Maybe it’s because he thought of that, but he told everyone to cheer me on. But he planned this in a group chat that I’m apart of, so I was honestly taken aback. I said, ‘Why don’t you try this in a group chat I’m not in?’ Inwardly, I was grateful and embarrassed.”

He continued, “I was curious after hearing that the members had sent me coffee truck. But they included a message that said, ‘We’re rooting for you, God Ji Min.’ I really liked it. That coffee truck alone had me in a good mood. Everyone was a little tired because it was near the end of the shoot, but Han Ji Min also said she was in a good mood and asked me to thank the members for her. I thought that things ended up working out even better.”

When the interviewer jokingly asked, “Didn’t you feel bad?” N replied back, “Not at all. It shows our relationship well. At our dorm, if Han Ji Min appears in ‘Familiar Wife,’ they’ll all pay attention, but when I come out, they all go to the bathroom. It’s so cute to play around like that.”

If you haven’t already seen it, check out tvN’s “Familiar Wife” below!

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