Brave Brothers Talks About BTS And Wanna One's Impact

Producer Brave Brothers spoke about the K-pop industry and his vision in a recent interview.

Brave Brothers has produced hit songs for singers including BIGBANG, Son Dam Bi, Brown Eyed Girls, AOA, and HyunA. It’s been almost 20 years since he started making music, and he is now the head of Brave Entertainment.

On September 20, No Cut News met with the producer at the Brave Entertainment office for an interview titled “Hello! K-pop Leader.”

When asked to name a musician he wants to work with, Brave Brothers answered, “Honestly, there aren’t any. I’ve worked with so many different people so far that I now want to pour my producing skills into Brave Entertainment. So for the time being, I honestly want to focus on the agency’s artists and the new boy group.”

He continued, “BTS and Bang Shi Hyuk opened a really good path, so I think that we also have a new chance. I want to put the wings on Brave Entertainment by debuting groundbreaking, fun singers. I also feel a sense of duty about needing to succeed.”

Brave Brothers was asked to choose the hot topic of this year’s entertainment industry from a producer’s perspective. “I think it’s Wanna One,” he said. “I think big company CJ’s planning ability and pride was combined with the well-planned program of ‘Produce 101’ to create a really big ripple effect.”

He explained, “Some of the members in Wanna One were trainees that had only practiced for a few years. Despite this, they’re hugely popular right now and Kang Daniel is especially sensationally popular. I don’t think we should just look at it as a program that was good just because it was created by a large company, but there’s a lot for producers to emulate and study. I also think that entertainment agencies should create these kinds of good systems on their own.”

Brave Brothers also gave fans an update on his artists. He began, “First, Samuel focused on the Chinese music variety show ‘The Collaboration’ for a while and recently won. Now, he’s working on a concert, an Asian tour, and a new album. I think the album will come out sometime early next year.”

He continued, “People think that Brave Girls is an old group, but it’s only been about two years since they’ve been reorganized with new members. They’re taking care of themselves and working hard, and we’re planning an album so that they can have a comeback at the end of this year or early to middle of next year.”

He added, “Also, I’m busily preparing for the January debut of the new boy group that I mentioned earlier. I’m going to succeed this time.”

On his criteria for choosing artists, Brave Brothers explained, “For me, it’s all about character. Even if they’re lacking in skills, I try to choose people who have good character. I think that effort and passion are included in character. There are times when effort and passion can feel fake from people without good character. I think that you have to be a good person first in order to become a star.”

Sharing his goals, he concluded, “It can be too big of a dream, but since it’s good to have big goals, my goal is to make Brave Entertainment a world-famous entertainment agency that can have an impact inside and outside of the country. I think that you have to share the valuable love that you receive from the public. Every day, I’m living self-critically so that I’m not just saying that I’ll do a good job with only my words.”

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