13 Times MONSTA X Proved Their Golden Variety Skills

MONSTA X is not only a group of seven young men who make amazing music, work incredibly hard, and deserve all your love, but they are also a squishy bundle of dorks who crash into both reality and variety shows; leaving both fans and hosts with hurting cheeks and strained abdominal muscles from laughing way too hard. While we’re working on our six-packs watching funny K-pop compilations, let’s take a look at a few of MONSTA X’s best variety show moments.

Please be aware, this article focuses on traditional variety shows and moments of MONSTA X, therefore interviews, drama specials, or reality shows and segments were disregarded.

1. When they desperately fought for their free time


During one of their earliest variety show appearances and their first individual episode on “Weekly Idol,” the boys had the chance to get some free time by impressing their manager with their charms. Actually, it was all thanks to Doni and Coni who worked out the deal. There was over the top dancing, ugly selfies, and Shownu even tried to do aegyo. The tasks were hilarious and it became obvious that the boys really, desperately, very much wanted that free time.

2. Every single time they dance girl group choreos


As the junior group of SISTAR, MONSTA X is frequently confronted with SISTAR’s music. But instead of being shy about it, the boys really go full out. All the times we’ve seen the boys dance to classics like “Touch My Body,” “Shake It,” or “Give It To Me” really show their admiration for SISTAR. But it doesn’t stop there; seasoned Monbebe will remember them dancing to I.O.I, GFRIEND, and TWICE. They could make a whole show just based on MONSTA X dancing girl group choreos, and honestly, we would totally watch it.

3. When they play the belly button game


Jooheon is the master of the “finding the belly button” game, which he proved during “MONSTA X-RAY 2.” It’s not just about the fact that he’s winning, but also the elaborate show he builds up around it. They re-did it on “Weekly Idol” vs. the host Doni, and when Jooheon failed, they changed it up to finding the nipples. Long story short: Jooheon found them and all hell broke loose. We’ve never seen Doni this… crazy.

4. When they try to blow out candles while wearing stockings on their heads

We can’t froget the time on “Fan Heart Attack Idol TV” when it was Kihyun’s and I.M’s turn to pull the stockings over their heads and go for the candles. It was quite a sight to see. MONSTA X really isn’t afraid to show viewers an aesthetically questionable (not saying ugly here!) side. And while it might be embarrassing for the individual member, the rest of the boys and Monbebe can never hold their laughter at that sight.

5. When they reenact animal pictures

In the very first episode of “MONSTA X-RAY,” the boys were confronted with having to imitate funny pictures of animals. This sounds vaguely funny already, but for anyone who’s seen it, it recalls hilarious memories. In case you haven’t, take a look at one of our most beautiful photo collages yet, which can be seen above. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never be able to forget I.M’s dog expression or Wonho as Spongebob (who is not really an animal, but we’ll let it slide). They repeated the whole thing in episode 4 when they competed against BTOB, and really, it just got even funnier with more people.

6. When Shownu lets his guard down


Most of the time when he’s with his members, Shownu perfectly fits his role. He talks like a true leader and introduces the group. But sometimes he lets his guard down, and maybe because he rarely does it on-air, it stuns everyone around him. His appearances on “Lipstick Prince” were a firework of those moments, but we also got to see some of it during the group’s other variety shows. For example, we can’t forget him reenacting a smiling baby seal, doing girl group dances, or literally every single time he’s dressed up as ahjumma.

7. When Wonho picked up rapping

We know this is an easy choice, but it’s still our favorite variety moment orchestrated by Wonho – when he’s not falling in love with the other members’ female alter egos in the drama segment of “MONSTA X-RAY,” that is. Nothing sums up the duality of cuteness and manliness as perfectly as his improvised rap on “After School Club.” Two words: areumdawoon neoya.

8. When Minhyuk gets ambitious


From impersonating a horse on “Idol Battle Likes” to generally scamming everyone in game shows, and dancing SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” so intensely his hip might just dislocate, Minhyuk really goes all in. Viewers can never be sure what to expect from Minhyuk, which is what makes him so interesting to watch in a variety setting. You never know what might happen next with MONSTA X’s personal crazy MC!

9. When Kihyun finger-flicks someone into an out-of-body experience


As one of the “top three idol master finger-flickers,” Kihyun’s finger-flicks are feared among his members. Of course, whenever there are heads to be flicked, it’s Kihyun who gets to work his magic. Be it poor Doni on “Weekly Idol” or Daehyun on “Idol Battle Likes,” or just the entirety of MONSTA X (minus himself), to this day, we’re still being haunted by the sound.

10. When Hyungwon fails


We all know Hyungwon is this model-like handsome being who happens to be a member of MONSTA X, and as that, he sometimes seems a little hard to approach. Him being a living meme accentuates this effect even more. That being said, our favorite variety moments of Hyungwon have got to be the ones where he fails just a tiny little bit. Our top pick is in the first episode of “MONSTA X’s RIGHT NOW,” when he tried to wrestle Shownu but ended up just weirdly dangling from his hips. Oh the despair.

11. When Jooheon unleashes Aegyo-Jooheoni


Infamous aegyo master Jooheon, who also is a very badass rapper, needs no introduction. The squeaky voice, the squishy face, and the cute pose always add up to a unique Jooheon-level aegyo, dripping of sweetness and causing the best reactions, when the rest of the members and hosts alike cringe into outer space. Kku kku kka kka all the way!

12. When I.M goes full “???”

You probably remember when I.M was supposed to act like he’s asking Monbebe’s parents for permission to getting married on “After School Club.” It was all fun and games until he decided to give things a turn by saying: “Actually, we have a baby!” Needless to say, jaws dropped, the other members could hardly hold their laughter, and the MC ran in to snatch the mic. We got another glimpse of this during MONSTA X-Ray’s drama practice, when he blurted out “Why is her belly swollen up?” perplexing poor Jooheon into what looked like a mental breakdown. Whatever you may call this side of our Changkyun, we love it just for the sake of dumbfounded reactions.

13. Whatever happened during “MONSTA X-RAY” episode 4


It all started out innocently enough with the boys introducing the episode in a sports venue, speculating on what the task of the day might be. Things took a quick turn when BTOB waltzed in, and what followed was a fierce battle full of teases, grimaces, and screaming. There was a lot of screaming. But to be fair, the mission of the episode was “Let’s see who is crazier” so, really, we were all warned.

Obviously this is just the very tip of the iceberg that is MONSTA X in variety shows, but it does give a rough impression of what to expect. Also, once you start watching their shows, it’s really hard to stop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What did we miss? What’s your favorite variety moment from MONSTA X? Tell us in the comments!

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