iKON Introduces Tracks From Their Recent Album

In their recent V Live “Goodbye Diner” for the release of their album “New Kids : The Final,” iKON personally introduced the new songs and talked about their music video and choreography.

The group recently released their new mini album “New Kids : The Final,” which is being well-received both domestically and internationally. On their comeback in two months, B.I. commented, “I’m happy that we were able to greet everyone again so soon,” while Junhoe remarked, “We’re practicing every day. We will work hard for these promotions, as well.” Donghyuk mentioned, “We were working hard on our tour, but we wanted to meet you all sooner, so we worked hard to create music, practice choreography, and prepare for our comeback during our tour.”

The members introduced the tracks in their mini album in an unusual way. Each member “ordered” a song from their mini album. Yunhyeong, who was the main chef of the restaurant, as well as his assistant chef Chanwoo, would cook up a food related to the track. The rest of the members enjoyed the food and talked about the song. Bobby shared, “I’m personally looking forward to Yunhyeong,” and joked, “I’m a bit nervous because of Chanwoo.”B.I. chose the title track “Goodbye Road” and explained, “I was touched after seeing our fans write, ‘Let’s only walk on a flower road,’ and thought of ‘Goodbye Road’ then. The song is extremely sad. Even I think that my 20-year-old self wrote really great lyrics.” Jinhwan praised the group’s leader, saying, “I thought, ‘B.I. writes these kinds of lyrics?’ It really hit home, and it’s the song I like the most.” Donghyuk added, “I really like the lyrics, so I personally like the song. I’m excited to sing it so fans can listen to it.” B.I. also mentioned that the members’ parts had changed through the song, and Chanwoo and Yunhyeong’s parts are now at the end, which is something different than what they had done before.

Donghyuk picked the key point to another song in their album “Don’t Let Me Know” and shared, “The words in the refrain are cute.” The food for the track was chocolate and almonds, which Jinhwan devoured voraciously.

Junhoe chose “Adore You,” to which Jinhwan commented, “Junhoe’s part was memorable,” who sang a line from his part. Donghyuk added, “You can really feel the sad emotion in ‘Goodbye Road,’ but we hid it for ‘Adore You’ which made it even more sad.” B.I. explained, “The explanation for the song is short, but it’s so sad. I don’t know why it’s so sad.”

Yunhyeong then brought out the main dishes of spicy rice cakes and chicken skewers. Bobby made the others laugh because he enjoyed the spicy rice cakes so much, while Junhoe dug into the chicken he had been given for “Adore You.”

Bobby picked the last song “Perfect.” Jinhwan remarked, “We sang ‘Perfect’ a lot. Before it was released, we sang it at concerts, and it’s a song that our fans like.” B.I. added, “It was originally a vocal song, but we were told to arrange it to a rap song.”iKON then talked about filming their music video. B.I. explained, “We filmed the music video over the span of a year. We had to do additional filming three or four times as well.” He then talked about how difficult their choreography is, saying, “‘Killing Me‘ wasn’t that difficult, but ‘Goodbye Road’ is one of the hardest choreographies I’ve ever done.” Bobby made everyone laugh by commenting, “I thought ‘Killing Me’ was hard too.”

The group also hosted a surprise event to further communicate with their fans. Prior to the session, they asked fans for stories about breakups, and during the session, they personally offered comfort and advice.

iKON previously kicked off the series with “New Kids : Begin” and dual title tracks “BLING BLING” and “B-DAY” in May of 2017. They returned last August with “New Kids : Continue” and title track “Killing Me.” With the release of “New Kids : The Final” and “Goodbye Road,” the group has concluded its trilogy.

Check out the music video for their title track “Goodbye Road” here!

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