SECHSKIES's Kang Sung Hoon Writes Handwritten Letter To His Fans About Recent Events

Recently SECHSKIES’s Kang Sung Hoon took to his personal fan cafe, Hoony World, to post an 8-page handwritten letter about his recent controversies.

Over the past few months, Kang Sung Hoon has been under fire for issues like the cancellation of his fan meeting in Taiwan, his fan club Hoony World being accused of embezzling fan donations, rumors that he is dating the moderator of Hoony World, and most recently reports that he and his stylist were involved in a trespassing and assault case regarding his former manager.

Last month, Kang Sung Hoon withdrew from participating in the upcoming SECHSKIES concert scheduled for October 13 and 14, and the group has also delayed the release of their new music.

His full letter reads:

“Hello, this is Kang Sung Hoon. It took too long for me to write to the fans who have waited for me and believed in me. It was a hard time for me and the fans who trusted me to deal with all the things that came out every day for the past month. To my fans who are reading this, as well as everyone who has taken an interest in me, I am first and foremost deeply sorry for causing public criticism.

“In order to avoid the natural distortion of my sincere feelings, I think that the right way is to apologize with the feelings I have now, showing the side of me that I’ve always shown to you. I am writing like that, so please don’t misunderstand while reading. Before I wrote this, I hesitated because I knew these words would spread from beyond our personal space here, but I will write this as comfortably as if I am talking only to the people that I love.”

[The paragraph above is referring to the fact that from this point on in the letter, he uses informal speech. Earlier in the letter, he wrote in formal speech.]

The letter continues:

“I asked for time to think but I’m sorry for making you wait so long. I saw all the comments you guys left me. I saw the comments and almost wrote back before deleting my words. I did this every day. I wondered if there was anyone left who would believe anything I said. I dithered a lot, so a lot of time has gone by. To be honest, no matter what I do, I can’t express everything I’m feeling through words. Even so, I can’t keep you guys waiting any longer, that would be selfish. It’s very late, but I’m writing it now.

“It was a miracle that we were able to reunite after such a long wait [a reference to SECHSKIES’s disbandment]. I want to keep this going so that our story doesn’t end so soon. We’ve only been reunited for three years and I’m sorry that something so painful happened. We went through a lot of hardships to come back together, and I know that it’s all due to your love and effort. I’m really thankful.

“You guys came to me like a dream, and I always lived with the mindset of being grateful to you. But it was my job to maintain our relationship. I should have listened more closely when you spoke up. Looking back on it, there are a lot of things I regret.

“I can’t change anything by regretting the past, but I regret it anyway. That wasn’t my point, but this seems like an excuse, I don’t know how to organize my thoughts into words, I keep hesitating, but that also seems like selfishness, I don’t think I can judge in this moment, so it’s hard, but please don’t misunderstand me when you read this.

“It’s been tough for me to see false stories being circulated as if they were true, but it must have been a lot tougher on all of you. I’m sorry and it feels like my heart is breaking, I don’t know what I can do to help or lessen your suffering in any way, if I could take it all on myself, I would. That’s truly how I feel. I’m so sorry, sorry for everything you must have felt because of me.

“Those long years without you. I didn’t see you for so long, until everything came back like a dream. Now I’m worried that you might vanish again at any moment. Because of this anxiety, I want to see you as often as I can. The time I spend with you all is happiness that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Whenever I did an event, I would go overtime because I didn’t want to say goodbye. I should have been more careful and thoughtful in how I planned those events, and created better content and situations for us to meet, but my desire to see you all in person made me get ahead of myself.

“Every moment that I spent with you, who have stayed by my side, was precious. I wanted to approach you all comfortably, but I didn’t realize that my words could have hurt some people. I’m so sorry to anyone who felt uncomfortable or hurt because of me. I’m sorry.

“More than anything, I was really upset when people said stuff about this [embezzling]. I’ve never once thought of you as a way to make money. I’ve never thought of you as something that didn’t require a lot of effort or people that I could just ignore. I always spoke from my heart, and when it was you guys, it was always sincere. I hope that you can recognize this sincerity. You write to me that I shouldn’t trust my fans too much, but if I don’t trust the people who trust me, who can I trust? However, I think I did get complacent because I felt so comfortable around you and spent so much time with you, and I was being negligent.

“I wanted to let you all hear only good things, but instead you heard words like ‘crime,’ ’embezzlement,’ ‘scam.’ I’m sorry about that. But the truth hasn’t come out yet and I’ll make sure that it does. I’m not telling you to trust blindly in me. I will tell the truth in a way that makes it clear what is true and what is not. When something isn’t true, I’ll be firm in saying that it’s false. Can I ask you to trust me and wait?

“Since the truth hasn’t been revealed yet, a lot of people are calling me a criminal. I have turned over everything to my lawyers so that I can take legal action against those people. I’ll work hard to make sure you guys don’t get hurt again. Time isn’t waiting for me and is passing by relentlessly. It was my job to hold your hand, but like an idiot, I feel too apologetic to do more than ask you to stay by my side.

“It’s a dream to have been able to reunite with you. Like a journey, I want to see good things with you, laugh with you, share stories with you, and make memories with you. When the journey ends, I want you to have good memories of me and think fondly of the days when you liked a person known as Kang Sung Hoon. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to make that happen.

“I wasn’t able to handle each issue when it came up and it became a controversy. That’s my fault. I’m reflecting on myself and if there is an opportunity for me to show you how I’ve changed and matured, I will work even harder to make that happen. I didn’t have the confidence to smile and sing on stage at the concert because of how sorry I felt. It seems like a dream that I withdrew from the concert. But I’ll take responsibility for the things that need to be cleared up.

“The stories going around about fan contact, embezzling, and my relationship with the staff are all false. I will take responsibility for taking these stories in hand and revealing the truth. Hoony World will also undergo a change of staff as soon as their work is done. Until the space is reorganized, please keep an eye out, and afterwards Hoony World is…

“You are more precious to me than anything in the world. I’m so happy that I was able to be with you. You are everything to me and that will never change. When I saw you, it was like a dream and the whole world was beautiful. I was that happy. I don’t know when we can see each other again, but until then stay healthy and be well. I promised you that we wouldn’t be parted again, so I’m sorry that this new pain occurred. If, by a miracle, we get the chance to meet again, then I will pray that we can meet with a smile.

“Thank you for always giving me love, and staying my side. I’m sorry. In the end, I’d like to apologize in these words to all the people who had been hurt or made uncomfortable by my actions. I’m very sorry.”

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