Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Talks About Feeling Emotional After Getting Close With North Koreans During Pyongyang Visit

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shared behind-the-scenes stories from her visit to North Korea.

On October 4, Seohyun spoke to reporters after the end of MBC’s “Time.”

Seohyun joined a star-studded lineup of musicians to MC and perform in Pyongyang on April 1 and 3. During the interview, she talked about how people in North Korea knew about Girls’ Generation. “They said, ‘Girls’ Generation members are so beautiful,'” said Seohyun. “I then thought what it would’ve been like to perform with the members.”

Seohyun revealed, “I couldn’t tell [the Girls’ Generation members] because it was secret information. I couldn’t tell anyone and told the staff that I was going on an overseas business trip for a couple of days.”

On the Pyongyang performance, she said, “It felt like I was in a movie. At first, it felt strange and new. Although we used the same language, it was fascinating. I got used to it after being there for about three days and I realized that we weren’t very different. After holding hands, singing, and hugging the North Korean singers, I felt like we got closer.”

She continued, “We drank at the team dinner and I was able to see more of their humane sides. Before that, they were stiff and didn’t show any emotion like the North Koreans I saw in films or dramas. But they weren’t like that [during the team dinner].”

She added, “It was cool when people who were younger than me called me unnie and said, ‘You’re so pretty. You’re older than me, but you’re pretty.’ It made me think that we’re all the same. I felt like I was going to cry when I thought, ‘When will I see them again?’ I felt emotional since I may never see them again.”

Seohyun also talked about reuniting with North Korean singer Hyun Song Wol after performing with her at the “Special Concert by Samjiyon Band for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics” concert on February 11 at the Haeoreum Theater in Seoul.

Thinking back to the phone call from the Blue House, Seohyun said, “I thought it was a prank call. When I first met Hyun Song Wol, she asked, ‘You must be the best singer in the South.'” Seohyun added that she felt like she needed to show a good performance after feeling a strong sense of responsibility as someone standing on stage representing South Korea.

Check out Seohyun in “Time” below!

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