Seohyun Shows Just How Much Girls’ Generation Means To Her With Touching Stories

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun expressed her feelings about the group and her beloved members in a recent interview.

Seohyun recently spoke to the press after the finale of “Time.” During the session, she was asked by reporters about how her fellow members reacted to her drama.

“They sent me coffee and snack trucks,” she said. “It was a difficult project, so they worried a lot about me. Hyoyeon also personally came to the set. As soon as I saw her, I started crying like crazy. It felt like I was reuniting with my mother after being apart for a long time.”

“I’d always thought before that we were like a family, but I feel that even more lately,” she said. “When we’re working on things apart from each other, I feel how precious they are to me even more, and I miss them. They were a really big source of strength for me while I was filming.”

Seohyun was also asked what she likes the most about meeting up with her members, and she described how they’re always full of energy, which makes her feel younger. “We talk more about fun things more than serious things,” she said. “I’m so grateful that I have people like them in my life. We’ll still be meeting each other when we’re grandmothers.”

On the topic of the secret to their friendship that’s lasted over 10 years, Seohyun explained, “We talked a lot. Before we went to bed, we’d be sure to talk to each other each day for five minutes. If we were upset with one another about something, we’d work that out. Sometimes we’d end up fighting, but it helped us understand each other. It’s not easy for people to live together for more than five years after having different ways of life before. It was a time where we could learn about each other.”

When the interview was held, Girls’ Generation member Yuri’s comeback was still on the way (her first solo mini album has now been released). “I saw Yuri’s solo album teasers in our Girls’ Generation group chat, and they were so pretty,” she said. Seohyun added with a laugh, “I fell for her beauty. I told her I’m cheering her on.”

Seohyun said that it’s fun whenever her fellow members make a solo comeback. “There’s always a different feeling to them, so I think the fans have fun seeing it too,” she said. “The Girls’ Generation unit Oh!GG that came out recently was so great too. It felt totally different from the kind of style that Girls’ Generation has done before. Lately I’ve been enjoying listening to Girls’ Generation Oh!GG.”

Seohyun shared that she wants to focus on acting for now. “Still, my main profession is being a singer, and I want to share my music some time,” she said. “I’m writing songs now too. I’m not sure when they will come out.”

During her talk, Seohyun also spoke about her experience performing in North Korea as well as how she felt after Kim Jung Hyun’s early departure from “Time.”

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