BTS’s V Sets Record For Most-Watched Solo V Live Broadcast In 16 Countries

BTS’s V has lived up to his stage name by making history on Naver’s V Live!

On October 6 local time, BTS held a concert at Citi Field in New York, marking the first time in history that a Korean artist has held a solo concert at a stadium in the United States.

The day before the concert, V managed to set a new record of his own. The BTS member surprised fans by unexpectedly holding a Naver V Live broadcast from his hotel room, particularly delighting the many concertgoers who were camped out in front of Citi Field at the time.

Over 2.5 million viewers simultaneously tuned in to the 54-minute livestream, during which V casually chatted with fans about their upcoming concert and a variety of other topics. The impromptu broadcast now holds the record for the most-watched solo V Live broadcast in 16 different regions across the globe, including Canada, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United States.

As of 4 a.m. KST on October 8, the replay video of the broadcast has also managed to rack up over 5.3 million views on Naver’s V Live.

Congratulations to V on his new record!

You can check out the replay of his V Live broadcast below:

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