9 Times Foreign Celebs Made Memorable Appearances On Korean TV

Celebrities from all around the world have been appearing on Korean television for quite some time now. During their promotional visit to Korea, they often receive invitations to appear on popular Korean variety shows in parallel with their scheduled interviews. Some of them even make cameos on Korean dramas!

Luckily for us, our favorite celebs kindly oblige and light up our TV screens with their presence. Here are nine times foreign celebrities made memorable appearances on Korean television!

1. When Jack Black took on the face stocking challenge

Jack Black smoothly fit amongst the cast of “Infinite Challenge” as he humorously went against Yoo Jae Suk to see who could blow the candle out first. The hilarious facial expressions resulting from wearing the stockings made the challenge even more amusing, but it surely didn’t stop the actor from getting competitive and winning the round.

2. When Chloe Moretz tried some interesting Korean food for the first time

Alongside her dear friend Eric Nam, Chloe Moretz paid Henry and Yewon a visit on the set of “We Got Married.” The couple prepared a challenging set of meals for their guest, to which her reaction changed with every bite she took. See for yourselves down below!

3. When Conan O’Brien made an unforgettable cameo in a K-drama

Conan definitely made the most of his visit in Korea, as he got to briefly appear on the 10th episode of “One More Happy Ending.” On top of his interesting scene with actress Jang Nara, the TV host released fun behind-the-scenes footage of him struggling to memorize his lines in Korean.

4. When Tom Cruise thought his team won the pop-up pirate game

Every “Running Man” episode is full of thrilling missions, and this time, it was impossible for the cast to contain their excitement. Joined by Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg, a suspenseful Pop-up Pirate game took place between the two teams. Amusingly enough, Tom unknowingly celebrated the victory of his rivals.

5. When Ryan Reynolds surprised us with his mesmerizing voice

Who would have thought that the “Deadpool” actor would enchant the entire panel and audience of “The King of Mask Singer” with his soothing vocals? Beautifully covering “Tomorrow” from the movie “Annie,” Ryan Reynolds definitely delivered a performance to remember.

6. When Hugh Jackman expressed his love for Korea

Hugh Jackman is a huge fan of both the country and the culture. During his appearance on “Star King,” the Australian actor showcased his knowledge of Korea as he fervently interacted with the MCs and guests, even wrestling with Kang Ho Dong and dancing to one of SISTAR’s songs.

7. When Tom Hiddleston gave us friendly neighborhood advice

Tom Hiddleston gave us more than we asked for when he appeared on an episode of “SNL Korea.” From scolding toddler Jay Park, to facing the wrath of a Korean Thor, Tom perfectly blended in with the actors and delivered an epic skit!

8. When Liam Neeson delivered the most adorable aegyo

Despite being known for his serious roles, Liam Neeson is a softhearted person. During one of his interviews for his role in the Korean war movie “Operation Chromite,” the veteran actor graced his fans with the cutest expressions, including the famous “Shy Shy Shy” gesture. (3:40-3:48 and 4:07-4:10)

9. When Jackie Chan made a guest appearance on “Happy Together”

During his appearance on “Happy Together,” Jackie Chan entertained both the MCs and his fellow guests with his wits on several occasions throughout the episode. From talking fondly of Korea to telling stories before and after becoming famous, the worldwide star engaged in most of the conversations in Korean, making the atmosphere even more fun. On the “Late Night Cafeteria” segment, he shared both his special recipe and a spoonful of laughter, which ended the broadcast on a high note. (Starting at 36:12)

Which of these celebrity TV moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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