Eunjung On Being Called An “Idol-Actress,” How T-ara Is Like A Family, And More

After recently wrapping up her latest drama “Lovely Horribly,” T-ara’s Eunjung talked in an interview with Xportsnews about balancing her career as both an actress and an idol.

Eunjung won the “Little Miss Korea” pageant in 1995, and made her start in the entertainment industry that year as a child actress, first appearing in the youth drama “A New Generation of Adults.” She went on to appear in works such as “Little Women,” “Toji,” “Cute or Crazy,” and more before debuting with T-ara in 2009. Her acting projects since her debut as a singer have also included “Coffee House,” “Dream High,” “Endless Love,” and many more.

Even though Eunjung was an actress before becoming an idol, she’s often referred to as an “idol-actress” or “an actress who began as an idol.” Eunjung said in her interview, “I think it’s a natural label. I acted before I debuted with T-ara, but I started playing adult characters after debuting with T-ara. Also, I’ve been able to take on good roles that I wouldn’t have been able to before because of the recognition I gained through T-ara. That’s why it seems natural that I’d be called an ‘actress who began as an idol’ or an ‘idol-actress.’ I like that title. I’m both an idol and an actress.”

Eunjung also talked about the status of T-ara after the group recently left their former agency MBK Entertainment. She shared that they’re still seeing their fans at fan meetings and doing promotions as idols, clarifying that they don’t have have concrete plans at the moment about performing as T-ara. “But if the opportunity arises, I think I’d do it without any hesitation,” she said.

In addition, Eunjung has also promoted as a solo artist under the name Elsie. “I miss performing on stage, whether it’s as a solo artist or as a group,” she said. “I went to an award ceremony as a presenter a few months ago. However, it was a ceremony that I’d gone to last year to receive an award. When I saw other artists performing, it made me really want to do it too. No matter if it’s as a solo artist or a group, I think any performance would be good. Just like when I wanted to act while I was promoting with T-ara, now I want to perform on stage.”

Eunjung added, “Acting and performing on stage are like a mother and father to me. If someone asks me to pick one of them, it’s like they’re asking me, ‘Do you like your mom or your dad more?'”

She also talked about how the group members have been supporting each other, through doing things like visiting their fellow members as they work or contacting each other. For example, she shared how Hyomin had come to visit her on set, and Eunjung also went to visit Hyomin for her solo showcase. “We’re all watching what each other is doing and supporting each other,” she said, and commented that she gained a lot of strength from the T-ara members while filming “Lovely Horribly.”

“I essentially did everything together in my 20’s with T-ara,” she said. “We’re like an inseparable family. I think other idol groups would also feel the same.”

Eunjung lastly shared that her goal is to provide everyone with good acting performances and music, while spending the rest of her time with fans, family, and friends. She also said she wants to become seen as a mature and reliable actress as she builds up her filmography.

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