Lee Na Young To Star Opposite Lee Jong Suk In New Romantic Comedy

Lee Na Young is finally making her long-awaited small-screen return!

On October 15, the producers of tvN’s upcoming drama “Romance Supplement” (working title) officially announced that the actress would be starring as the female lead. A spokesperson for the drama stated, “Lee Na Young’s casting has been confirmed.”

“Romance Supplement” is a new romantic comedy drama about the employees of a publishing company. Lee Jong Suk will be starring as Cha Eun Ho, a brilliant writer who also happens to be the company’s editor-in-chief.

Lee Na Young will be playing the role of Kang Dani, a former copywriter who is down on her luck. Although she once enjoyed a flourishing career, Kang Dani is out of money and in desperate need of a new job. Ironically, her killer résumé makes things even more difficult, as she is seemingly overqualified for every position available. Kang Dani ultimately decides to lie about her educational background in order to get hired at Cha Eun Ho’s publishing company, where she hopes to make a fresh start.

Not only is “Romance Supplement” Lee Jong Suk’s first-ever romantic comedy, but it also marks Lee Na Young’s first drama in nine years. The actress last starred in the KBS drama “Fugitive: Plan B” back in 2010.

When asked why she had chosen “Romance Supplement” for her highly-anticipated return, Lee Na Young replied, “The screenplay, which is full of writer Jung Hyun Jung’s warm and refreshing laughter, touched my heart. I’m also looking forward to working with director Lee Jung Hyo.”

Writer Jung Hyun Jung and producing director (PD) Lee Jung Hyo recently collaborated on the tvN drama “Life on Mars.”

Lee Na Young added, “I’m excited to be greeting viewers for the first time in a long while through [this] warm-hearted drama.”

“Romance Supplement” is currently scheduled to air sometime in the first half of 2019.

Are you excited to see Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk star together in this new drama? Share your thoughts below!

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