Byul Talks About HaHa’s Wish For Their Son Dream To Become The Next G-Dragon

On the October 16 episode of KBS 2TV’s quiz show “1 vs. 100”, singer Byul, who is also HaHa‘s wife, talked about their son and HaHa’s hopes for him.

During the show, Byul mentioned that ever since Dream was a baby, her husband HaHa would tell him, “You have to get revenge for dad.” She added, “I don’t know why HaHa did that. He would also say, ‘Please become the second G-Dragon,’ ‘Please get revenge for your dad.'” Back when BIGBANG was on “Running Man” in 2015, HaHa even asked G-Dragon to be Dream’s godfather.

Byul continued on to say, “However, I don’t think Dream is meant to do music. The other day he was singing a song but he sang it all in the same note. I was taken aback by that.”

Byul then went on to express her affection towards her son by remarking, “A while back, I passed by a karaoke room with Dream when he said, ‘I think I should go practice singing there so that I can sing well in front of you and dad.’ It made my heart ache to hear that from him.”

Afterwards, Byul was asked by announcer Jo Choong Hyun about whether the couple will be having a third child. She laughed and said, “If God allows me to have a third baby then I will, but I hope he doesn’t.”

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