Jung Eun Ji Opens Up About Apink's Longevity, New Genre They Want To Attempt, And More

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji recently participated in an interview to talk about Apink and her solo activities.

As a 26-year-old singer (Korean reckoning) and a member of Apink that has been around for seven years, Jung Eun still has many things she wants to do. That is why she decided to renew her contract with Plan A Entertainment. Of course, the Apink members hesitated, but they also concluded that endings things now would be too regrettable.

Jung Eun Ji shared, “Actually, we didn’t have the same opinion in the beginning. There were members who wanted to try new things, so we though about it a lot, but in the end, the thought that made us have the same opinion was ‘Apink must continue.’ For a girl group, we took a long break, so it was very regrettable. We showed an ‘innocent’ concept until now, so from now on, we’ll try what we wanted to do and what we couldn’t do.”

The Apink member shared that the reason for their longevity was “tempo control.” She said, “Perhaps it’s because we fight quietly? Actually, we never had a big argument before. Everyone was cautious after we debuted in the beginning of our career. Even if we had complaints, we couldn’t reveal them, and it took a long time. At first, that was uncomfortable. However, after time passed by, we naturally understood each other and avoided each other’s dislikes on our own. Maybe the key is proper, rapid adjustment and push and pull.”

Jung Eun Ji revealed Apink’s next goal is hip hop, saying, “We all want to try ‘something cool’. When we were trainees, we did a lot of strong and hip hop things. So when we heard we were going debut with an ‘innocent image’, we were all confused. In the past when we were strong or sexy on stage, there were times when fans would laugh, but I really want to do it. We were worried the fans wouldn’t like ‘I’m So Sick’, but fortunately, they liked it a lot, and we were grateful. Thanks to that, we became confident.”

Concerning solo activities, she honestly stated, “At first, I was conscious [of the other members]. They weren’t giving me any indications [of having troubles with my solo activities], but since six females are living as one team, I came to naturally be conscious [of them]. Fortunately, they’re like male students, so it’s fine. In fact, we are not greatly interested in [each other’s lives] so they often find out later even if I had my own activities. Fortunately, I don’t have to be so careful during my activities, so I’m glad. However, their simple actions of support touch me. We’re like brothers.”

Jung Eun Ji’s third mini-album “Hyehwa” (literal title) will be released on October 17 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser for her upcoming music video here.

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