Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Talks About Inspiration Behind Her New Solo Album

On October 16, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji held interviews ahead of the release of her new solo album.

During the interview, she first mentioned her title track. “I initially wrote it as a story about families. I hope that many people can feel reminiscence. I tried hard to portray the lonely and reminiscent emotions that miss the warmth of ‘home.'”

When asked about her recent departure from Apink’s dormitory, she said that being independent actually helped her create this album. “I miss home-cooked food the most ever since I left Apink’s dorm. I started living by myself very recently, so now I’m feeling the great difference between living in a dorm and being independent. It feels completely different. But personally, these things helped me write the lyrics for my album.”

She also mentioned her struggles while creating the album. “The lyrics for the title track changed six or seven times. I recently sang the song during my concert, and I almost got the lyrics wrong.”

Then she went on to talk about other songs that gave her a hard time. “The song ‘Box’ that I made with Sunwoo Jung-A was also tricky for me. This song talks how we’re actually living in a big box and asks when we will get out of it. When I was young, I used to imagine that we are all living inside a giant’s box. Now, I think that I am the one who’s locking myself in a box and not a giant. I wanted to portray these thoughts brightly like a fairy tale, and Sunwoo Jung-A helped me. It’s a song I love as much as the title track.”

Jung Eun Ji also revealed why her mini album contains eight songs. She said, “People don’t buy CDs a lot anymore, so I feel like the feeling is lost of looking forward to the next song when listening to a CD. I know that mini albums usually have about five songs and just four without the instrumental, but I wanted my album to be like a gift to people who buy it. I also wanted to give comfort to youth with more songs, and I already had a lot of songs written already, so I included eight tracks.”

Lastly, she emphasized the main theme of her album. “I listen to music for consolation and comfort. I want my songs to comfort people who listen to it, and I myself want to be a comforting figure to my fans. I think ‘youth’ is not limited to people in their twenties. People in their sixties can be youthful too. I want people of all ages to sympathize with the youthful songs in my album and feel comforted.”

Jung Eun Ji’s solo mini album will be released on October 17 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out her teasers here!

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