9 Times EXO's D.O. Gave Us All The Feels In

100 Days My Prince” is in its final homestretch, which basically means that we won’t have D.O. to look forward to every week! So in order to comfort our soon-to-be broken hearts, here are some moments where D.O. as Won Deuk gave us all the feels — either making us swoon, squeal, or snort!

But first, in case you haven’t been watching this drama, “100 Days My Prince” is about an amnesiac Crown Prince (D.O.) who is saved by a common village man after hurtling down the side of a mountain. There, he is given the name “Won Deuk” and enters into a marriage-of-convenience with Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun). They gradually grow fond of each other despite the mystery and secrets that surround them both.

Now, let’s cue the delightful moments from the first 12 episodes (in airing order)!

1. When Won Deuk wants to make a point

Won Deuk refuses to believe that he is the supposed Won Deuk who has feelings for Hong Shim, and raises up points such as not naturally responding to the name when called. And to drive home his point, he gets really up close and personal with Hong Shim, and claims both their hearts are too calm for people with their alleged history. Their hearts may have be calm, but boy, mine was racing from that scene!


2. When Won Deuk defends Hong Shim’s honor

Both Won Deuk and Hong Shim find themselves working at Master Park’s birthday celebration, when the dodgy Master Park asks Hong Shim to pour him a drink. For those not in the know, this is a big no-no, as this is usually something done by women in brothels and reinforces the pour-er’s lowly status. Won Deuk is obviously not okay with this and jumps up to stop her. He then puts Master Park in his place by…reciting a badass poem at him.

3. When Won Deuk initiates some skinship

Hong Shim is heartbroken after she finally sees her long-lost brother, only to have him leave her again. When Won Deuk hears about this, he “permits” her to hold his hand, believing that she could use the support. Hong Shim walks away exasperated, which leads to a cute reaction from Won Deuk who yells after her indignantly: “I gave you permission!” But he runs up to her anyway and takes her hand in hers, and they walk together in content silence.

4. When Won Deuk’s training kicks in

When Hong Shim is kidnapped, Won Deuk races off to her on horseback. His fight training from his palace days instinctively kicks in, and he manages to take down the gang of kidnappers with just a branch! It’s such a cool moment, and it serves them right for trying to mess with him!

5. When Won Deuk celebrates his birthday

So many heart-fluttering things happen during this birthday storyline, including Won Deuk’s super adorable aegyo (Hing!), and him telling Hong Shim, “Tonight, I will not let you go” while in the bedroom. The sweetest one is when Hong Shim is crying, thinking she has lost him just like how she lost her family before. But he soothes her worries, by promising that he will be with Hong Shim forever, because he is her husband.

6. When Won Deuk and Hong Shim finally kiss

After so many near kisses, this heart-stopping kiss at the end of episode 9 definitely makes the viewers squeal collectively! From the way they gaze into each others’ eyes and the way he gently cups her head, WOW! And when Chen’s voice kicks in as the BGM, it is just the cherry on top of a very, very yummy cake!

A mere GIF will not do this scene justice, so, enjoy:

7. When Won Deuk one-ups a stubborn Hong Shim

In this scene, the couple become drenched when it suddenly starts raining (that may or may not have been from their drought-ending kiss). When they finally reach home, Hong Shim prepares the bath water and tells Won Deuk to take his bath first. Won Deuk refuses, instead insisting she bathes first especially since she has been shivering. Realizing that Hong Shim isn’t going to relent, Wok Deuk slyly suggests they bathe together, as there really is no other way. The smirk of his when he sees her running off to bathe is priceless!

8. When Won Deuk steps up, but then concedes to… fish

Their friends come over to Won Deuk and Hong Shim’s house with some fresh carp, hoping Hong Shim can help them clean and gut the fish, as neither of them have the stomach to do it. Unfortunately, Hong Shim is not around, so Won Deuk gallantly steps up, vowing: “Do not ask Hong Shim to do it anymore. Any difficult task will be done by me now.” And just as we’re ready to swoon, Won Deuk takes a peek at the still-very-alive-fish, and hilariously suggests that it’d be better if they wait for Hong Shim instead!

That nudge! LOL!

9. When Won Deuk sees Hong Shim in his mind

After Won Deuk is discovered and brought back to the palace, he reluctantly resumes his princely duties. It’s not easy for him, as he vividly remembers everything he’s been through for the past 100 days, and each time he starts feeling overwhelmed, his mind imagines a bright and cheery Hong Shim who cheers on for him. However, when he remembers Hong Shim isn’t really there, the pain and longing etched across his otherwise stoic face is just too heartbreaking to witness.

Cue the Single Man Tear.

Bonus: O.G. D.O.

And just in case we’re so taken with this suave, charismatic Won Deuk, here’s a reminder just how much of a squishy penguin D.O. can really be when in his original element:

Also, for a second, Seon Ho was giving me Sehun vibes. Messy hair + body build + SM training room, maybe?

Which of these moments were your favorite? Or did I leave your favorite off the list? Leave your comments below and fangirl (or fanboy) along with everyone else!

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