Jun Hyun Moo Reveals Han Hye Jin’s Way Of Showing Jealousy And Downsides To Publicly Dating While On TV

Jun Hyun Moo talked about his relationship with Han Hye Jin on the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On October 17, Jun Hyun Moo appeared as a guest along with Lee Pil Mo, Ha Seok Jin, and JK Kim Dong Wook.

Jun Hyun Moo talked about his cameo appearance on the JTBC drama “The Beauty Inside.” He said, “I filmed the scene where Seo Hyun Jin turned into me, but I didn’t tell Han Hye Jin beforehand.” Kim Gook Jin asked, “Do you tell her everything?” and Jun Hyun Moo replied, “I tell her everything now.”

When asked how Han Hye Jin shows jealousy, Jun Hyun Moo explained, “If I tell her that I filmed a broadcast with an actress or a girl group, she doesn’t get childishly jealous but asks, ‘Who’s the prettiest there?’ You can’t get caught up there. You have to say that they’re not all that great, and that they’re all weird.”

While talking about filming MBC’s “Unexpected Q,” Jun Hyun Moo said, “In order to make up a story, I said, ‘After Han Hye Jin and I fight, she doesn’t laugh on ‘I Live Alone.” There was only one time where we filmed after getting into a fight, but people said that we fought because she didn’t look happy. She wasn’t feeling well, but people assumed that we fought. Now when we fight, she exaggerates and laughs.”

Jun Hyun Moo’s jealousy was then tested when Ha Seok Jin revealed that he almost went on a blind date with Han Hye Jin. After hearing this, Jun Hyun Moo commented, “I suddenly feel wide awake.” He later added, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about the past,” but his facial expression said otherwise.

When Ha Seok Jin explained, “We indirectly [went on a date] by talking on the phone,” Jun Hyun Moo made everyone laugh by asking, “Anyway, you didn’t actually date, right?”

“Radio Star” airs on Wednesdays at 11:10 p.m. KST. Check out an episode below!

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