Watch: Ji Suk Jin Wakes Up BTS’s Jin Over The Phone And Praises His Personality

Ji Suk Jin made a surprise phone call to BTS’s Jin on the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together”!

On October 18, the variety show aired an episode featuring guests Ji Suk Jin, Lee Hye Young, Kang Soo Jung, Jung Sun Hee, and Hyun Young, along with NUEST W’s JR as the special MC.

During the show, Ji Suk Jin spoke about his close friendship with Jin. Mentioning that they had the same given name, he said, “Jin and I are brothers.”

The MCs asked if it was true that Jin had invited him to BTS’s concert, and Ji Suk Jin confirmed that Jin had sent him a message asking, “Would you like to come to our concert?” When the other guests asked him to bring them along, he disappointed them by revealing, “[The concert] is already over.”

Yoo Jae Suk joked, “I heard that there are so many people impersonating BTS these days.” Ji Suk Jin expressed annoyance at Yoo Jae Suk’s disbelief and showed him his text message conversations with Jin as proof of their friendship. Lee Hye Young took his phone and read out loud some of the messages, including, “Hyung, I’m performing at the Billboard Music Awards today! I’ll look forward to hearing [my name] ‘Suk Jin’ on the radio today.”

Ji Suk Jin explained, “I frequently talk about Jin on my radio show [‘2 O’Clock Date with Ji Suk Jin’]. The fans listen to the radio and and then tell Jin about it. I even aired two BTS-themed special episodes without BTS [in the studio]. I played all BTS songs.”

The MCs continued to express doubt about whether the number was really Jin’s, and they urged him to call the BTS member. Everyone then held their breath as Ji Suk Jin made the call.

Jin answered in an extremely sleepy voice, “Hello, big brother.” When asked if he had been sleeping, Jin replied, “Yes. I’m in the Netherlands.”

Ji Suk Jin quickly replied, “Hey, I’m so sorry [for waking you]. Just go to sleep. I’m sorry.” Yoo Jae Suk added, “Jin, we’re sorry. Go to sleep. We called you while filming ‘Happy Together,’ and we didn’t know you were abroad. Just go to sleep.”

Jin responded, “I don’t know what this is, but I love you.” The cast and guests then shouted that they were fans of BTS and wished him good luck. Yoo Jae Suk added, “Worldwide star, hurry up and go to sleep!” Jin replied sleepily, “I don’t know what this is, but it looks really fun.”

After the phone call, the guests said they were touched by how Jin still answered the phone even though he’d been sleeping. Ji Suk Jin stated, “To be honest, Jin answered the phone not because it was me, but because he has a really kind personality.”

Turning to the camera, Ji Suk Jin added, “ARMYs, I hope you won’t misunderstand. I didn’t know he was sleeping.” Lee Hye Young added, “I’m sure the ARMYs liked that they were able to hear his voice.”

Check out the clip of Ji Suk Jin’s phone call to Jin below!

You can also watch the full episode of “Happy Together” here:

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