Jun Hyosung’s Lawyer Responds To TS Entertainment’s Claim Of Contract Violation

Following the news of Jun Hyosung signing with a new agency, TS Entertainment has released an official statement.

Read TS’s statement below:

“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

“We are conveying our official position on the news about Jun Hyosung’s exclusive contract which was released today.

“Our exclusive contract with Jun Hyosung is valid and the court will give a verdict regarding this on November 14, 2018. Therefore, Jun Hyosung signing an exclusive contract with a new agency is obviously a breach of her contract because she has entered into two contracts.

“On our company’s part, we feel deep chagrin toward the company that Jun Hyosung one-sidedly signed an exclusive contract as the company did not question or inquire about the procedure while we are currently in a dispute regarding the validity of her exclusive contract and that they released the information through a press release.

“Additionally, we would like to say that we will take strict legal action and be calling into account how the one-sided contract signing and media report has tarnished our company’s image and created confusion.

“We thank everyone who loves and watches over our company’s artists and we promise to actively work for our company’s artists.

“Thank you.”

In response, Jun Hyosung’s lawyer Park Jung Ho said, “Jun Hyosung’s new contract is not based on the judgement of merits from the previous case regarding the validity of her contract [with TS]. Instead, it is based on the injunction cited from the court ruling on September 27 which had the purpose of suspending the validity of Jun Hyosung’s contract with TS Entertainment. TS disregarded the validity of the court’s ruling and is being very unreasonable as the company continues to claim the validity of the exclusive contract and demand responsibility. TS needs to immediately withdraw their statement and respect the court’s ruling.”

Previously, Jun Hyosung announced her departure from Secret and her lawsuit against TS Entertainment on May 5, 2018.

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