Lee Jong Suk And Shin Hye Sun’s Drama “Death Song” Confirms Premiere Date

The premiere date for Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming drama special has been confirmed!

On November 1, sources from the SBS drama department revealed, “SBS drama’s special broadcast ‘Death Song’ will premiere on November 27.”

The drama’s title, “Death Song,” is also the title of an album that was released by Korea’s first soprano Yoon Shim Deok in August of 1926. The album is also seen as the start of Korea’s pop music. The drama will portray the tragic romance between Yoon Shim Deok and playwright Kim Woo Jin.

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Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Kim Woo Jin and Shin Hye Sun will play the role of Yoon Shim Deok. The drama is scheduled to air after the finale of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama, “Where Stars Land.”

Check out “Where Stars Land” on Viki below!

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