Jung Jae Yong’s And Sun Ah’s Agencies Release Joint Statement About Debt And Contract Issues

The agencies of DJ DOC’s Jung Jae Yong and ICIA’s Sun Ah have reached an amicable agreement.

On November 1, the couple and expecting parents announced that they were getting married on December 1. The bride, who is 19 years younger, debuted as a member of girl group ICIA in 2016 with the single “Time Bomb.”

Sun Ah’s agency DAM Entertainment then brought up the remaining years left in her exclusive contract and claims of unsettled debt of 13 million won (approximately $11,628) to the CEO.

Sun Ah responded by saying that she didn’t borrow money from the CEO. Jung Jae Yong’s agency Superjam Records also claimed that DAM Entertainment threatened to put out articles about Jung Jae Yong and demanded they repay the debt.

On November 3, Superjam Records and DAM Entertainment released a joint statement about the issue.

Superjam Records said, “We immediately checked the part about the debt and processed all of the repayment as of today (Saturday, November 3). The issue due to the misunderstanding about the debt will be resolved with conversation between the two CEOs.”

The agency continued, “CEO Hwang Hae Won of DAM Entertainment said, ‘Because of different views, there were high emotions and I felt uneasy continuously seeing words such as ‘unauthorized leave,’ ‘contractual relationship,’ and Jung Jae Yong’s name in the articles. Through this press release, I want to apologize to Jung Jae Yong and also apologize for hurting the bride’s feelings by publicizing her personal debt issues when she’s at the beginning of her pregnancy.’ In addition, he confirmed, ‘Along with the end of the debt, the termination of Lee Sun Ah’s contract with the agency was also processed.'”

Superjam Records also apologized for reacting emotionally and using the word “threaten” at the time when articles about her debt was publicized.

Jung Jae Yong and Sun Ah will wed on December 1 in Gangnam.

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