Events Agency Gives Statement Regarding Lee Jong Suk’s Detainment In Jakarta

Events agency Yumetomo has given an official statement regarding Lee Jong Suk’s recent detainment in Jakarta.

On November 6, Yumetomo, the company behind Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting in Jakarta, uploaded an official statement onto their Instagram. The events agency confirmed that Lee Jong Suk and his staff members had been detained in Jakarta. It stated that it would be demanding an explanation from the local promoter, added that it would be taking full responsibility for the incident, and apologized to Lee Jong Suk, his agency, and his fans.

Lee Jong Suk previously shared that he and his staff had been detained in Jakarta after a fan meeting, and that their passports had been confiscated. His agency responded by saying that their detainment had reportedly been due to a local promoter falsely reporting their profit from the event to local tax authorities. His agency later made an official statement that it would be taking legal action against the promoter as well as event agencies.

Read the full statement below:

“Hello, this is Yumetomo. We would first like to apologize for worrying everyone regarding the situation where Lee Jong Suk and his staff members were detained in Jakarta.

“Due to the inexperienced business handling of YES24’s Indonesian branch, Lee Jong Suk and his staff members’ passports were confiscated. Because of this, Lee Jong Suk and his agency’s staff members were unable to board their plane at the designated time, and returned to Korea one day later than planned.

“As an agency, we will be taking full responsibility for causing damage to the artist and staff who believed in and worked with us. As this unimaginable incident occurred, we Yumetomo and The Cre8tive Lab are demanding a speedy explanation from YES24 about this incident. We will earnestly take on follow-up steps regarding this incident.

“To Lee Jong Suk and A-Man Project, who were most likely anxious for a long time in a situation where they couldn’t know what would happen, we would like to once again deeply apologize. We would also like to apologize to Lee Jong Suk’s fans, who were probably very worried as well.”

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