Longguo Writes Handwritten Letter To Fans After Recent Events

On November 10, Longguo (Kim Yong Guk) posted a handwritten letter to his fans on his official fan café.

Earlier the same day, his agency, Choon Entertainment, addressed the dating rumors between Longguo and SONAMOO’s Nahyun as well as fans’ concern for Longguo’s cat Rcy.

The letter reads as follows:

“Hello. This is Kim Yong Guk. First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the fans who have been emotionally hurt by my wrong and careless actions. Even though words are not enough to properly ask forgiveness, I am writing this letter to you.

“I wanted to post this and apologize on my personal Instagram, but my Instagram account has been hacked and I cannot log in, so please understand why I’m uploading this on my fan café instead.

“I became friends with SONAMOO’s Nahyun after we met several times through gatherings with other acquaintances. I’m sorry for causing many people concern because of this.

“It is true that I gave Rcy away and that I took her back. I am full of regret about what I did back then, and I am so sorry to Rcy for causing her needless suffering. I apologize for causing many people concern through my insufficiencies in being aware of and caring for my pets. I will not forget the mistakes I made and will learn from it for the rest of my life.

“I also deeply regret my actions on my other private Instagram account. Even as I write this letter, I am so ashamed of what I’ve done. I will live more humbly from now on, and reflect a hundred times before acting.

“I can only ever be grateful to my fans, including now. It was thanks to you that I was able to receive a lot of love and make my debut. The fact that I let you down so badly makes me hesitant to open my mouth. The only thing I can say is ‘I’m sorry.’

“I will take all your rebukes and advice to heart and work harder to become more mature. Once again, I’m sorry. Thank you for reading these words, even though they’re not enough.”

In addition to the dating rumors and the concern that his cat had become a stray, there have been posts circulating online complaining about his behavior on a private Instagram account.

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