16 Male K-Pop Idols Who Light Up Every Room With Their Positive Vibes

We all know that one member that tries everything to create a light and cheerful atmosphere wherever they go. Whether it’s a concert, a music broadcast, or their very own variety show, these moodmakers are always ready to make their members smile and the audience laugh. They are literal rays of sunshine, and a simple smile from them will light up your whole day! Light teasing, cute jokes and wordplay, making a fool of themselves and enjoying life to the fullest — we have a lot to learn from these idols for sure!

Jackson (GOT7)

No wonder Jackson gets invited to so many variety shows and programs; he always knows what to say and how to put everyone in a good mood — even if he ends up embarrassing himself. He probably won’t ever run out of sassy remarks!


J-Hope (BTS)

Bangtan’s very own sunshine is the definition of extra. Just thinking about Hoseok will make you smile on any sad day, and it’s so heartwarming to watch how he is never out of energy, loud laughs, and encouraging words for the others.


Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

MONSTA X is a wonderful and really loud mess whenever they are together, and Minhyuk always makes sure that everyone is having fun, including the members, the fans, and the audience. His heart is made of gold and his laugh is music to our ears!


Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

It’s impossible not to adore Boo Seungkwan. He is not afraid to be the loudest and craziest in SEVENTEEN, and his lovable actions will make you swoon and feel all bubbly. Seungkwan is instant happiness.


Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun never seems to lose energy, and he is always ready to hype everyone up! He is a real fluffball, and if you ever need a good laugh, just watch a compilation of his most extra moments!


Seong Woo (Wanna One)

Everything Ong says or does is beyond hilarious, and he easily sets the mood wherever he goes. Wanna One wouldn’t be the same without his funny antics, that’s a given!


Ken (VIXX)

Happiness is easy to achieve if you are surrounded by people like VIXX’s cutie main vocal, Jaehwan. Ken takes his role very seriously, and all the other members adore his cuteness and cheerful personality. We love it, too!


Lucas (NCT)

It’s not easy to get along with 17 other members, but Lucas makes sure every time that the atmosphere is lively and that NCT members are having lots of fun! His puppy-like personality is just too easy to love!


Sandeul (B1A4)

Sandeul is a true comedic relief! You can see in his eyes that he’s never up to anything good, and we can’t help but adore his mischievous personality.


Yoseob (Highlight)

Another sunshine in human form, Highlight’s main vocal makes sure everyone around him is having the time of their life. His smile can literally cure diseases and make your skin clear, so just get your daily dose of Yoseob today, too!


Dongwoo (INFINITE)

Just take a look at Dongwoo’s beautiful, bright smile, and your day will be filled with positivity and happiness. He always knows how to hype his members up, and he never seems to lose an inch on energy.


Seungri (BIGBANG)

Whether it’s making a parody of other BIGBANG members or a fool of himself, Seungri knows damn well how to entertain everyone around him. Even with his older members in the army, he is slaying every variety show with his incredible skills.


Daehyun (B.A.P)

Another cutie with unlimited energy! Daehyun truly is like an excited puppy no matter the circumstances. He is always ready to crack a joke, and he never fails to make everyone around him smile from ear to ear.


Dawon (SF9)

Dawon is just unstoppable. Looking him up a dictionary, his name will probably appear under the word “extra,” and he really lives up to his image! He is loud, excited, and ready to entertain everyone 24/7!


Key (SHINee)

Honestly, every member of SHINee deserves a spot here, but Kibum is just way too extra to miss! He’s always full of sass and irony, and even the way he teases the other members will make us all giggly and happy.


Seunghoon (WINNER)

WINNER wouldn’t be the same without Seunghoon’s extraness, that’s for sure! He always makes sure the members are relaxed and lively, and he is not afraid to show his crazy side to make everyone around him laugh. A true moodmaker, that’s for sure!


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