Lee Na Young Shares Why She Continues To Act + Describes Her Relationship With Husband Won Bin

Set to make a comeback on both the small and big screens, Lee Na Young opened up about her acting career and family.

In an interview with news outlet OSEN on November 12, the actress confessed, “I returned to working, but I’m experiencing more difficulty than happiness. These days, I started filming my drama, so I’m even more nervous since I’m still catching onto my character. I’m studying the script a lot because a lot of it has already been written.”

On her career, Lee Na Young added, “Acting always seems attractive. It’s attractive because it’s hard. How can an actor always act perfectly? An actor can say they fit a character perfectly, but they cannot play a character perfectly. So, I want to continue pursuing [acting] more because it is difficult.”

Lee Na Young commented that she doesn’t look at her past works, saying, “I don’t actively try to look for them. I’m embarrassed, but sometimes I do wonder how I felt about it at the time. So sometimes I’ll look for certain parts and watch them. Still, I don’t really watch my productions.”

In the interview, the actress also touched on her relationship with her husband Won Bin.

She shared, “I also looked at my script with Won Bin. I showed him the script for ‘Beautiful Days’. He said it’s a difficult movie and it will be tough to grasp the character’s emotions and express them, but he cheered me on to work hard. Won Bin and I are like best friends. People may think we’re mysterious, but we’re not. We don’t seem to talk to each other much either, but we do.”

Lee Na Young also talked about how she wants to raise their son. She said, “I also want to raise my child comfortably. I want him to feel the natural scenery. If my son wants to act later, I would support him. I want to let him freely do what he wants to do.”

Lee Na Young currently has two productions lined up.

Her upcoming movie “Beautiful Days” is about a young man named Jen Chen who goes to Korea to meet his mother for the first time in 14 years. Lee Na Young appears as the mother, who is a defector, and Jang Dong Yoon portrays her son Jen Chen. Other actors include Oh Kwang RokLee Yoo Joon, and Seo Hyun Woo. The film will hit the theaters on November 21.

She will also be joining Lee Jong Suk in a new romantic comedy drama titled “Romance Supplement.” It will follow the lives of the employees of a publishing company. Lee Jong Suk will be playing a brilliant writer who is also the company’s editor-in-chief, while Lee Na Young will be starring as a former copywriter who hopes to makes a fresh start at the company. The drama is currently scheduled to air sometime in the first half of 2019.

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