8 Memorable Fancams That Made Their Mark In The K-Pop Fandom

As much as we enjoy streaming live performances of idols, fancams are a guilty pleasure that allow us to focus our favorites just a little bit more, especially since the spotlight is solely shed on our biases. Be it solo or part of a group, some of these fancams gain so much attention that they even become viral within a short amount of time and shake our cores with their awesomeness!

Here are some memorable fancams that stood out within the K-pop fandom.

1. EXID’s Hani – “Up & Down”

Racking up almost 28 million views, this shot of Hani dancing to “Up & Down” is not only the most viral fancam of all time thanks to its longevity, but it is also a major trendsetter, as it boosted the fancam trend in Korean music shows. Plus, it made this EXID song one of the most iconic K-pop hits out there and shot the group to stardom; not to mention that Hani herself was particularly proud and grateful for the video being filmed.

2. GFRIEND’s Yuju – “Me Gustas Tu”

If anything, this 13 million views fancam highlights Yuju’s impressive level of professionalism. During GFRIEND’s performance of “Me Gustas Tu,” Yuju fell multiple times due to terrible stage conditions, but everytime she picked herself up even more determined. As a result, many people admired her for it and praised her endurance and dedication throughout the entire performance. On the matter, Yuju stated that they were lucky that no one got hurt and that the performance ended on a high note.

3. GOT7’s JB – “Who’s Your Mama”

As if this stage collaboration alone wasn’t mesmerizing, a close-up on JB definitely caught eyes and dropped jaws. In this short fancam nearing 5 million views on the channel below and being uploaded several times by different users on YouTube, we can see the playful GOT7 leader giving his all while delivering a charismatic performance of Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama.”

4. Suzy – “Love Song”

Earning a total of 15 million views, a fancam focusing on Suzy gained major attention during miss A’s rehearsal of “Love Song.” Her captivating aura did not go unnoticed as she effortlessly oozed confidence while meticulously rehearsing the striking choreography.

5. BTS’s Jimin – “Perfect Man”

It is no secret that every Jimin fancam out there leaves us in awe every single time, and this one below is just as hypnotizing as the rest of them. As the legendary cover of Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man” by BTS completely stole hearts and gained popularity, this Jimin focus shows us exactly how he literally drove the crowd wild while portraying his energetic and powerful dance moves alongside his dangerous gaze.

6. MOMOLAND’s Nancy – “BBoom BBoom”

Cute, sexy, and confident are the perfect words to describe Nancy’s performance. Vibrant and delicate, the rising idol captured hearts with her energy as she moved across the stage, making her fancam reach over 8 million views.

7. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel – “Burn It Up”

Kang Daniel is known for his amazing stage presence, and this fancam down below is quite a vivid example. Garnering a little over 2 million views, Daniel’s fierce moves and sharp look make his part of the intense choreography truly breathtaking in every aspect.

8. Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”

Unlike the previous fancams, this one features all of the members, and upon watching it you’ll know exactly why. Cheerful, lively, and dazzling, Red Velvet dominate the stage with their combined elegance and catchy routine that had the audience cheering as loud as they possibly could, thus gathering almost 6 million views.

Which K-pop performance fancam caught your attention the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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