Rainbow Members All Get Together For Party To Celebrate 9th Anniversary

Rainbow had a party to celebrate their ninth anniversary!

On November 15, members of Rainbow shared photos on Instagram from their anniversary party. Jisook posted a photo of seven glasses clinking together with the caption, “Rainbow ninth anniversary party.” She added in the hashtags, “Ah, so fun,” and “Full group.”

She also shared photos of two cakes adorned with number nine candles, and added the caption, “I love you.”

No Eul also posted on Instagram with a video of them celebrating together and some more shots from the party. She wrote, “All seven of us got together for the first time in a while.” In the hashtags she wrote, “Ninth anniversary,” “A party of celebration with all of us,””So much fun,” and “Thank you for the gift” as well as included all the members’ names.

Yoonhye posted the video of them celebrating with the caption, “Rainbow. Ninth anniversary. Forever.” Cho Hyun Young also shared it with the caption, “Rainbow. Ninth anniversary. I’m happy.”

Kim Jaekyung uploaded a video of their glasses at the party, as well showed off the cakes. She wrote, “Rainbow’s ninth anniversary party, one day late. 20091114 Thank you, Rain-nous.”

In addition, Oh Seung Ah uploaded a photo of the group with the caption, “We all got together, we are happy.”

On Rainbow’s anniversary day of November 14, the members also posted on Instagram with messages.

Jisook wrote, “Rainbow’s ninth anniversary! The luckiest thing ever for me was getting to meet such beautiful members! Let’s continue having fun together like we are now! I’ll make it more fun!! I love you.”

Oh Seung Ah posted two photos of the group and said, “How can this be!! How could it be the ninth anniversary… it’s already our ninth anniversary. I love you, Rainbow.” She added, “Time flies” and said to their fans, “Thank you. I love you.”

No Eul wrote, “Our debut performance feels just like the day before yesterday, but it’s already our ninth anniversary. Congratulations to the members on our ninth anniversary. I love you.” She added in the hashtags that she misses their fans Rain-nous, and said she’ll never forget their memories. “I love you, everyone,” she wrote.

Yoonhye said, “To my Rainbow and to Rain-nous who’s always together with us, thank you and I love you for giving me the gift of a ninth anniversary!! I miss you.”

Kim Jaekyung shared a photo of Rainbow on the beach and said, “Happy birthday to Rainbow.”

Cho Hyun Young wrote, “It’s Rainbow’s ninth anniversary! To my members and our fans, thank you and I love you.”


Rainbow made their debut in 2009 under DSP Media and went on to promote together for seven years until they left the agency in 2016. Although currently focusing on individual activities, the members have often talked about their continuing bond and close friendship.

Happy anniversary to Rainbow!

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