16 Actors And Actresses Who Could Very Well Be Idols

It’s common to see a lot of K-pop idols turned actors in the Korean entertainment industry, but it’s rare seeing actors or actresses turn into idols. Despite this hardly ever happening, there are a lot of actors and actresses out there who could totally become idols if they wanted to! Whether it’s a matter of being able to sing, dance, or sport the look of an idol, there are many actors and actresses who could pass as being idol-worthy. Here’s a look at 16 of them.

Kim Soo Hyun

Here’s an obvious one. Kim Soo Hyun impressed us with his role as the talented country boy singer in “Dream High.” It’s easy to picture him as an idol. He’s not only exceeded our expectations as a good singer, but he’s also definitely got the handsome/cute looks that go with being one!

Lee Hyun Woo

It’s almost hard to believe that Lee Hyun Woo wasn’t a K-pop idol turned actor. He has the complete look of an idol. Maybe it was also his role as singer/songwriter in “Moorim School” or as a producer in “The Liar And His Lover” that made him look even more like one.

Yoon Shi Yoon

This flower-boy looking actor not only has the look of a pretty idol, but he’s also had his hand in singing. He’s sang songs on several of the dramas he’s starred in. He even played ’90s heartthrob idol in the drama “Greatest One-Shot.”

Check out Yoon Shi Yoon singing the song for “Baker King, Kim Tag Goo.”

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung‘s a natural when it comes to doing covers of her favorite K-pop groups and idols. Not only is she obviously adorable, she’s also been known to sing and dance on various occasions and was even an MC on “Inkigayo” for awhile.


Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young can sing and play the guitar, and also has the adorable look fit enough to be an idol. Her performance in the movie “A Werewolf Boy” was unforgettable and makes her totally idol material.

Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon is part of the acting group 5urprise, which consists of four other actors. He is technically considered an idol to some, but this group is specifically geared towards acting even though they’ve even released singles. We’ve seen Seo Kang Joon sing and dance and do various covers on variety shows, so it’s a given that he’d be on this list. He totally suits the role of one, doesn’t he?!

Lee Sung Kyung

There really isn’t anything Lee Sung Kyung can’t do. She not only can act, but she can play the piano and sing pretty flawlessly – just like an idol would! She was even featured on PSY’s album where she sang the song “The Last Scene.”

Here’s a clip of her singing Zion.T’s “Eat”:

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum had revealed on several occasion his desire to be a singer and had even showcased his piano skills online! The video he posted online won over the hearts of multiple agencies, but he ended up choosing SidusHQ. This former music show MC has everything it takes to be an idol!

Here is the video that landed him offers to all those agencies:

Ji Chang Wook

It’s no secret that Ji Chang Wook has a beautiful singing voice. And along with his looks, he’s pretty much the perfect recipe for being an idol. Ji Chang Wook has sang and starred in several musicals and is currently in the military where he’s also showcasing his musical talents.

Joo Won

Joo Won‘s had lots of experience singing and acting in various musicals which makes him pretty fit to be an idol. With the recent footage of him singing with BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Daesung, he’s also earned enough street cred to be one!

Park Min Young

When Park Min Young released the video of her dancing to Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman,” it took her fans by storm. She had been working long and hard for her fan meeting and judging from the video, it seems as though she’s a natural talent!

Lee Min Ki

Although it seems a bit hard to imagine Lee Min Ki could pass as an idol, his role as Joo Byung Hee in the drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” totally proved himself worthy of being on this list. The way he sported that eyeliner and how flawless he looked as the frontman of his band was pretty perfect.


Kim So Hyun

Famous child star actress Kim So Hyun has obviously got the looks to be an idol, but many also know her to have a great singing voice. She has sung on various occasions and even got to sing the song “Dream” for the drama “Bring It On, Ghost.”

Jang Nara

Many know Jang Nara as an actress, but don’t know that she actually debuted as a singer. Impressively, she was even signed under SM Entertainment as a trainee, but was later dropped. She’s continuously showcased her abilities as a singer throughout the years having released various albums in the early 2000s and singing on OSTs for the dramas she has been in.

Kim Min Jae

Kim Min Jae was once an idol trainee, and he had even auditioned for the intense rap reality show “Show Me The Money.” He’s got the complete idol package of rapping, dancing, and looks. Check out this video of him showing his moves – you’ll never get over how good he is!

Go Kyung Pyo

Who knew Go Kyung Pyo had it in him to perform on stage?! The recent footage of him singing at various festivals while being in the army definitely proved his abilities as not only an actor, but an actor who could pass as an idol!

(Skip to 4:44 to hear his amazing vocals!)

Hey Soompiers, which of these actors or actresses would you like to see become an idol? Let me know in the comments below!

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