QUIZ: Which SEVENTEEN Line Would You Have The Most Fun With?

SEVENTEEN is the group with too much… everything! Whether it’s talents, bromances, or extraness, these boys have them in spades! And because they have quite a few members too, when different members group up together, they bring out different energy and chemistry.

And because Carats are just as extra as SEVENTEEN, I bring you this quiz (with lots of results) including many silly, non-traditional groupings, too! (But there won’t be an Adorkable Line or a Visual Line, ’cause then that’d just be all of them, am I right, Carats?)

So which line would you have the most fun with? Take the quiz and find out!

Which line did you get? And what other silly lines can you come up with? Share your results with us in the comments below!

Belinda_C got the “Hyung Line” three times in a row! It must be destiny! Fangirl over Shinhwa/SEVENTEEN with her on Twitter!

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