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In this week’s episodes of “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,” Kim Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) and Sun Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won) spend some quality time together, while Jung Yi Hyun (Yoon Hyun Min) has flashes of strange memories that confuses him even more. The Master Gu trio also survive their potentially fatal train accident by using one of Shin Seon’s magic beans to turn back time. Here’s what we thought was either strange or hilarious during Episodes five and six of “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter”!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 5 and 6 below. 

STRANGE: Ok Nam’s biology-defying family tree

“Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” is a wacky and fantastical drama with magical beings and immortals, but even amongst all that strangeness, we have to admit, Ok Nam’s family tree is pretty strange. How does a fairy have an unhatched egg as an older son and a cat/tiger as a younger daughter? And just how old is Jeom Soon (Kang Mina) right now? So many questions, some of which will hopefully be addressed soon now that the egg is cracking more and more.

What does seem to be clear, is that the first incarnation of Jeom Dol and Jeom Soon do grow old together, just as how Jeom Dol promises when they were young. This is a very sweet insight into their sibling relationship, and promises to be a heart-warming part of the drama going forward.

STRANGE (in a mysterious sense): The identity of the husband

One of the ways this drama marketed itself was by claiming to be a drama about “finding the husband.” In the early episodes, this seemed kind of strange, as in the flashbacks, the woodcutter always had Yi Hyun’s face. Sure, Geum had a moment with the egg, but he could easily pass off as just another immortal being, and really never seemed like a strong contender for the husband.

However, this week, the mystery takes a significant step forward by not only showing the woodcutter with Geum’s face, but also suggesting that they may have been the same person (but with different faces after each reincarnation). And add to the fact that the egg, or the creature in the egg, calls out to Geum definitely evens the playing field more and amps up the deliciousness of the mystery. Here’s to hoping our hearts can take it though!

There’s also a line where Yi Hyun says that it was a deer who took Ok Nam’s winged dress, and not him. This is strange as well, considering that it was always supposed to be the husband who takes the winged dress. Could this be more hints at the identify, or am I reading too much into it?

HILARIOUS: “My desire knows no bounds”

In one of the most hilarious payouts in this week’s episodes, Jeom Soon asks Geum to moonlight as her to meet the publisher. The publishers naturally post a news article of this meeting online, which then quickly spreads among all our characters, starting from Geum’s own mother. The whole thing is as awkward as it is hilarious, with the quote “My desire knows no bounds” constantly flashing across our screens. Some things are just not meant for a mother’s eyes!

It’s also a testament to the growing friendship between Geum and Jeom Soon, and that he doesn’t let the embarrassment stop him from continuing to moonlight for Jeom Soon either.

STRANGE: Clothes-stealing epidemic

Apparently, there are many woodcutters going around stealing fairies’ winged dresses, because this week, we are reminded that Fairy Oh (Hwang Young Hee) is also a victim of one, and thus the reason why she is stuck on earth too. After the trio turn back time via the magic bean, Fairy Oh discovers that the pickpocket resembles her husband from many decades ago, and is determined to track him down and get back her winged dress.

As mentioned last week, this story line felt increasingly disconnected from the main plot, and it still does, with the trio just going about on their own adventures. But at least now, the two story lines have a common thread of “finding the husband,” and it’ll be a nice comparison to see how the two stories turn out.

Now, the important question is, why are so many woodcutters stealing women’s clothing? *raises eyebrow*

STRANGE: The stalker boy

The strange Kyeong Sul is just getting even stranger, and I’m not sure how to feel about him. He’s obviously supposed to be some kind of foil down the road, but he doesn’t feel menacing or mysterious enough to keep me intrigued with this story line. So far, he just appears around the other characters with his wrist-cam, flashes his smile, and then disappears for a whole chunk again. I am keen to see just what his deal is, but sooner rather than later, please!

STRANGE AND HILARIOUS: The breakdancing butterfly-haired eelworm

Last week, the drama gave us dancing goats, and this week, it’s upgraded to a breakdancing butterfly-haired eelworm.

Let that sink in for a second.

I can’t wait to see how the show tops this!

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How are you enjoying the drama so far? And what other strange and/or hilarious things did you find in this week’s episodes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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