Relatable K-Pop/K-Drama GIFs To Help You Through The Oh-So Unrelatable Exams


They’re the bane of our existence and one of the unfortunate truths of growing up. (Unless you’re one of the magical unicorns that love exams… Weirdo.) But at least we can take comfort in knowing that nearly everyone goes through a similarly stressful process. Whatever type of exams you’re taking, wherever part in the world you’re taking them in, and however old you may be — there are people who can relate to your struggles. So let’s struggle and conquer, together!

When you first start the semester and mark down when exams are, then promptly push them to the back of your mind.

Fast forward a few months – the teachers/lecturers start talking about exam prep, and you suddenly realize how close exams are.

You decide to actually get a leg up on studying this time, and even draw up a kickass study timetable.

I used 5 different highlighters!

Unfortunately, like usual, the short burst of motivation dies out quickly…

…and your mind wonders to other things again,

Oooh~ look at the pretty bubble!

and you somehow end up on YouTube watching your 17th compilation video.

“I don’t know how I got here! I was just trying to do some research! I swear!” – says everyone!

And what about your favorite idols having their comebacks during exams?!

But I need to streaaam~! And vote~! And… fangirl~!

But you do try your best and buckle down, because you know they want you to study hard too.

“I think that studying is really, really important”

There may be a lot of stress eating involved,

a lot of sleep deprivation,

a lot of study sessions with friends (which usually means procrastinating together),

a lot of mental persuasion,

and a few tubs of coffee,

so you actually feel semi-confident when you finally sit for the exams.

But the world is cruel, and every time you see questions you didn’t study up on, it feels like you’re getting attacked.

You try and push through the exam questions, but most of the time it feels like you don’t know what you’re doing.

But when you do figure it out, it always feels good!

And whatever the results may be, at least exams are over now.


Until next time that is.

Wait what?



All jokes aside, if you’re sitting for your exams soon, all the best! Study hard, and do your best, ’cause you know that’s what’s important!

Are you going to be taking any exams soon? If so, hwaiting! And remember kids, it’s not about the results, it’s about giving it your all!

Belinda_C has graduated from exam taking to exam making/marking. It’s not that much better though, to be honest. Lol. Share your love for Shinhwa/SEVENTEEN with her on Twitter!

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