Yoo Ah In Talks About Role Models And His Respect For Actors Like Kim Hye Soo

On November 22, actor Yoo Ah In sat down for an interview with YTN.

The interview was part of promotions for Yoo Ah In’s new film, “Default,” which also stars Kim Hye Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Jo Woo Jin, and Vincent Cassel. The film tells the story of various characters during the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

In the interview, Yoo Ah In said, “I was deeply impressed by the senior actors’ performances. It was on a different level. I wondered how they could portray such depth. I was able to see a path for my own future through watching how they developed their skills over their long careers.”

He shared that he had faced dilemmas about his acting career in the past. “They say that male actors hit their stride in their 30s,” he said. “But I debuted in my teens. I was able to take on a variety of different characters, genres, and roles. Even though I wanted to entertain people and communicate better with the audience, I thought things like, ‘What if they cool off on me?’ Those kind of dilemmas came to me earlier than most.”

He continued, “When I was younger, I was asked often who my role models were. It was difficult to answer then but I can do it now. The senior actors who strive to walk their own path, to try new things instead of repeating what they’ve done before, those are my role models.” He then confidently picked actress and co-star Kim Hye Soo as his current role model.

He said, “I think that she is a very unique actor. She debuted in her teens. I’ve seen her in so many different movies and dramas over the years, but she takes good care of herself and communicates with the audience in a mature way. I can relate to her. She started at a young age but has been able to show many different sides of herself and make each character her own. There is nothing lacking in her as a role model.”

“Default” premieres in South Korea on November 28.

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