Lee Min Jung Reveals How She Could Tell Lee Byung Hun Was About To Propose

On the latest episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” actress Lee Min Jung talked about her family life with her famous husband Lee Byung Hun and their adorable son.

Lee Min Jung made a guest appearance as a special MC on the November 25 broadcast of the reality show, and the hosts and panelists were eager to hear about her marriage.

During a discussion about planning romantic surprises, Lee Min Jung mentioned that Lee Byung Hun had been “way too obvious” about his proposal back in the day.

As everyone laughed, she went on to explain, “I’m very observant, so I notice things quickly. That day, he gathered the entire family and [held a screening] of his movie ‘Red 2,’ which had just come out at the time. When the movie ended, there was a proposal video prepared.”

Lee Min Jung recalled, “I didn’t notice anything when we first sat down, but he kept telling me, ‘Don’t go to the bathroom right after the movie ends. Don’t go to the bathroom right after the movie ends.'”

“The third time he said that, I knew there had to be something at the end of the movie,” she laughed.

When asked whether Lee Byung Hun was the openly affectionate type, the actress replied, “His father is the reserved type and isn’t very expressive about his feelings. Because he grew up under that kind of father, he wanted to be very expressive about his affection for his son.”

Lee Min Jung went on to reveal, “When [Lee Byung Hun] is affectionate with our son, he tells his father, ‘Dad, this time, kiss Mom. Mom, kiss Dad.’ Because of our son, we’ve become really expressive about our affection.”

Check out the full episode of “My Ugly Duckling” below!

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