4 Things We Loved & 2 Things We Hated From Episodes 7-8 Of “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter”

Just when we’re accepting that “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” is going to be more fluff than substance, this week’s episodes lay down some very juicy clues and give us more substantial backstories and insights into our main characters. So let’s dive into the world of dancing goats and eelworms and see what we loved and hated in this week’s two episodes.

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 7 and 8 below. 

HATED: Whatever is happening with the magical trio

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first, because it feels like I’m just going to be rehashing my grumbles from the previous reviews — the magical trio’s “adventure” (because it’s not really an adventure is it?) is really starting to wear thin. There is so much potential to this trio, both in terms of comedy and a legit story arc, but again, we just see them mucking around on a ship, and… that’s it! They’re just so tangential to the main plot line that it feels like you could cut all their scenes out and nothing would be impacted. And that is a huge problem.

However, there is a sliver of hope at the very end of this week’s episodes, where Fairy Oh (Hwang Young Hee) shouts: “We’re really going now!” Fingers crossed they really do get going (and in the right direction!)

LOVED: All the revelations!

My gripe with the magical trio is partially compounded by the fact that the main story line is getting really interesting, and I just want to spend more time savoring the reveals! From the throwaway line that this is Jeom Soon’s (Kang Mina) fifth reincarnation, to Geum (Seo Ji Hoon) getting a flash of Yi Hyun (Yoon Hyun Min) as Lee Ji of Mizar (Yoon So Yi) — the drama is giving us a lot to think about this week!

Bear with me as I just spitball for a second: Now that more pieces of the puzzle is shown, it does totally makes sense for Yi Hyun to be Lee Ji’s reincarnation, which would explain why he shares a natural connection with Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won), since they knew each other in the fairy realm. Both Yi Hyun and Lee Ji even share similar feelings of abandonment and betrayal (Lee Ji betrayed by Bausae; Yi Hyun by his mother). If this is indeed the case, things are going to get really dicey here because our supposed potential husband may just turn out to be a scorned woman out for revenge!

I knew there was something going on with the deer!

I am also keen to find out how and why Bausae and Lee Ji are allegedly reincarnated (especially since they’re all immortals), but Ok Nam is still Ok Nam (ie. not reincarnated). So many juicy hints to the bigger mystery, so many days left till new episodes. Booo~!

LOVED: Characters addressing their feelings

Sometimes, it’s frustrating for us viewers to watch characters blatantly ignore or suppress their feelings for one another, especially when they do it without good reason. So it’s super refreshing that everyone decides to put on their mature-pants and address their feelings head on in this week’s episodes. Once Yi Hyun admits he has feelings for Ok Nam, he pretty much dives into the relationship without resorting to juvenile games. He outright tells Ok Nam he wants a “Ssambap” (his name for the lotus plant) of his own, and even readily believes her when she says she’s been talking to plants. This side of Yi Hyun is so much more appealing, especially since we get to see his beautiful smile a lot more!

After many jealous outbursts (one of which is witnessed by Geum’s very alarmed mother), Dr. Lee Ham Sook (Jun Soo Jin) also similarly decides to confess to Yi Hyun. The result probably won’t be pretty, but at least it’s better than getting a heart attack, right?

LOVED: The bromance between Yi Hyun and Geum

We get to spend a lot of time with Yi Hyun and Geum this week, and I absolutely love all this bonding! Their relationship really ranges from the super childish (“My tie is more special. It’s embroidered”; “Mine’s embroidered with a more difficult pattern”), to being solid enough to dole out truth bombs (“Do you even believe in your own empty words?”) At one point, while they’re bragging about their respective interactions with Ok Nam, they somehow end up reading Jeom Soon’s erotic novel together, fingers interlocked. It’s peculiar, amusing, and heartwarming — just like the drama itself! I know we’re in for some heartache down the road, but I can certainly see this friendship pulling through.

Awww, look at Yi Hyun being all shy all of a sudden!

HATED: Cliché backstory

With so much interesting backstory reveals this week, this is one that we could’ve done without. Initially, we see Yi Hyun being angry with his mother and hating his birthday. A few scenes later, we find out that he is actually the son of a nun named Sister Bowon, who wishes he had never been born. Initially, I was grateful for this speedy reveal because it felt like the drama didn’t feel the need to drag it out and turn Yi Hyun into a baggage-laden, trauma-experiencing character.

Sadly, we see how this affects Yi Hyun as he later faints after seeing a bible and a cross, presumably due to stress or abandonment issues. What’s even more cliché is seeing Geum punching the locked door, resulting in overly bloody knuckles. No more random fainting spells or easily bloodied knuckles please!

LOVED: When our childhood suspicions are validated

Believing clouds are made from cotton candy is a magical and childlike thing to do, and it’s delightful to see that the drama not only decides to go there, but decides to go there with Geum! He is definitely the one with the childlike innocence, especially when he quickly denies eating the cloud after being caught!

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Fun fact: Alex the frog is voiced by Eric Mun and Jeom Dol is voiced by Jung Kyung Ho! What are your thoughts on this week’s reveals? Let us know in the comments section below!

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