Films Starring Oh Dal Soo Stuck In Limbo Following Sexual Harassment Controversy

After Oh Dal Soo’s sexual harassment controversy in February, the future is uncertain for movies he has already filmed.

After the controversy, Oh Dal Soo left the drama “My Ahjusshi,” and the film “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days” reshot his scenes without him. Three movies he has finished filming (“The Neighbor,” “I Want to Know Your Parents,” and “Control”) have yet to be released.

“The Neighbor” is a comedy about a prospective presidential candidate under house arrest and a secret intelligence agent eavesdropping on him. Oh Dal Soo plays an opposition politician under house arrest.

“I Want to Know Your Parents” tells the story of a boy at a prestigious international middle school who was found unconscious after falling into a lake, and it follows the events afterwards when the parents of students in the same class are called to the school. In the film, Oh Dal Soo starred as one of the parents.

“Control” depicts a confrontation between criminals who made the wrong choice due to pain in their past and a father whose daughter was taken by them.

Warner Bros. Korea is in charge of the distribution of the film “The Neighbor.” In regards to the film’s potential reshoot or premiere date, a source stated, “No decision has been made yet. Everything is unknown.”

When asked about “I Want to Know Your Parents,” 20th Century Fox Korea responded, “There is no Korean film team at 20th Century Fox Korea right now. When we worked on a Korean film, it was run by a project team, but we don’t have one right now. There’s nothing set about the movie.”

Earlier, they had planned to reshoot with a new actor after editing his part in the movie, but eventually, they decided to give up and postpone the release. Although filming for the movie has been completed, even the distributing company has not been decided.

One source in the movie industry shared, “It’s been a while, but it’s still unclear whether Oh Dal Soo’s films will be released. It’s best to postpone the premieres, since it’s too late to reshoot, but with no idea when or how it’s going to happen, the distributors will be focusing on other projects.”

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