Billboard Reveals 2018 Year-End Charts For World Albums, Top Artists, Social 50, And More

Billboard is wrapping up 2018 by releasing its year-end charts!

On December 4, Billboard revealed which artists have made it to its annual charts for this year. BTS has become the first Korean artist to enter the year-end Billboard 200 Albums and Top Billboard 200 Artists charts, and the group has also ranked on the year-end Top Artists — Duo/Group chart and more. Check out BTS’s year-end rankings in full here.

Korean artists have broken a record once again on the year-end World Albums chart with the most releases yet, after setting a new record with six releases last year. BTS tops the year-end World Albums chart, taking the top three spots with “Love Yourself: Tear” in No. 1, “Love Yourself: Answer” in No. 2, and “Love Yourself: Her” in No. 3.

While not a Korean artist, EXO member Lay’s album “NAMANANA” comes in at No. 4. BTS member J-Hope’s mixtape “Hope World” grabs No. 5, EXO’s “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” takes No. 8, and BTS leader RM’s “mono.” comes in No. 9.

BLACKPINK’s “Square Up” takes the No. 12 spot, BTS’s Japanese album “Face Yourself” comes in No. 13, and NCT 127’s “Regular-Irregular” grabs No. 14.

On the World Album Artists chart for 2018, BTS is at No. 1, Lay in No. 2, EXO in No. 5, J-Hope in No. 6, RM in No. 7, BLACKPINK in No. 9, and NCT 127 in No. 10.

The year-end Top Artists chart ranks artists based on their performance on the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, and Social 50 charts, and also Boxscore touring revenue. BTS has risen to No. 8 this year, and EXO enters the year-end Top Artists chart at No. 76.

On the year-end Independent Albums chart, BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” takes No. 3, “Love Yourself: Answer” is in No. 4, and “Love Yourself: Her” grabs No. 9. Lay’s “NAMANANA” comes in at No. 34 on the chart. The Independent Albums chart ranks top-selling albums across all genres that are sold via independent distribution, and it includes sales fulfilled via major branch distributors.

After taking the top spot on the Social 50 chart in first place for 103 weeks overall, BTS grabs No. 1 on the year-end Social 50 chart for 2018.

EXO comes in No. 2, GOT7 in No. 6, NCT in No. 9, MONSTA X in No. 11, SEVENTEEN in No. 12, Wanna One in No. 14, NCT 127 in No. 23, BLACKPINK in No. 28, TWICE in No. 33, Stray Kids in No. 41, NCT Dream in No. 43, and SHINee in No. 46.

TWICE is listed two times at No. 33 and the Social 50 chart lists only 49 artists, and so the exact ranking of the artists following TWICE may be inaccurate.

Congratulations to all the artists!

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