12 K-Pop Songs That Got Slept On In 2019

K-pop can get overwhelming: it feels like there are two new albums every week, and once your faves make a comeback, you’re busy streaming and analyzing the music video. Now that 2019 is almost over, let’s listen to 12 gems you might’ve missed this year.

1. DreamCatcher — “Deja Vu”

Nothing can compare to DreamCatcher’s unique blend of electro-pop rock. They delivered again with “Deja Vu,” serving powerful vocals and a strange storyline. It’s unbelievable how underrated they are!

2. GOT7 — “Run Away”

By now, everyone knows that the best song on a GOT7 album is usually a side track and that you have to listen to the whole album first. “You Calling My Name,” like most GOT7 singles, is catchy, but “Run Away” is the real stunner here. Effortlessly light, it sounds like the long-lost cousin of “The End” (끝).

3. Park Bom — “Wanna Go Back”

“Spring” — Bom’s first single since 2017 — is about moving on and starting over, but “Wanna Go Back” is the opposite. Bom’s angsty RnB ballad will remind you of relationships and friendships that you regret and think of from time to time. It’s relatable and perfect for those long rainy nights.

4. ONF — “Why”

Composed by ONF, “Why” weaves a story of a toxic, all-consuming relationship that inevitably ends terribly. The synth trap hook is addicting whereas the dystopian world in the music video highlights the experimental qualities of “Why.”

5. Ladies’ Code — “Feedback”

Ladies’ Code’s “Feedback” is so groovy and summery it’s impossible to sit still while listening to it. The ladies sing of a new crush and ask for some feedback.

6. DAY6 — “Sweet Chaos”

Composed and written by DAY6, “Sweet Chaos” is that frenetic, happy track you blast in the car. The beautiful lyrics make it very memorable: “My sandcastle / Has met your wave / It’s starting to break down / What do I do? Help me.”

7. CL — “One and Only”

“One and Only” is the sassy, angry, yet easy-going post-breakup song that 2NE1 was famous for. It’s been a long drought, but it’s great to see CL back in the game and writing music again.

8. ONEUS — “Twilight”

Where do we start? The guitar motif paired with deep vocals, on-point harmonizing, and minimalist production? Or the fact ONEUS penned the lyrics? ONEUS debuted early this year, and it’s clear as day that they’re here to stay.

9. BVNDIT — “Dumb”

BVNDIT stands out from the pack with their powerful vocals and headstrong lyrics. This fierce new girl group is still experimenting with their sound, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

10. ONEWE — “Regulus”

ONEWE’s “Regulus” is poetic, moody, and romantic. The heady mix of emotional high notes, slow rap, and guitar riffs will make you wonder why you didn’t discover ONEWE earlier. The alternative rock band has been around as M.A.S 0094 since 2015, but they re-debuted as ONEWE in early 2019 and released new self-composed music. Keep an eye on ONEWE in 2020.

11. TXT — “Run Away”

With its catchy chorus and Harry Potter theme, “Run Away” is the most interesting and developed song from TXT this year. The message is simple but sweet.

12. Baek Yerin — “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault”

“Maybe It’s Not Our Fault” is the lo-fi piano ballad. Complete with tinkling effects and Yerin’s ethereal vocals, it’s addicting and haunting.

It’s never too late to re-discover “old” music or to support these artists in 2020. We can’t wait for the new music they’ll release!

Credits to Color Coded Lyrics for translated lyrics.

Which K-pop songs do you think were underrated in 2019? Let us know in the comments below! 

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