Listen: San E Fires Back At “Fake News” With “Trash Journalist” Track

Following the controversy over his song “Feminist” and his subsequent departure from Brand New Music, San E has released a new song.

On December 11, the rapper dropped “Trash Journalist” through his YouTube channel and music sites. This is the first song San E has released since leaving Brand New Music.

San E’s recently accused SBS of reporting fake news about him and framing him as a misogynistic rapper. “Trash Journalist” is the rapper’s third song following the release of “Feminist” and “Oong Ang Oong.”

The full lyrics for “Trash Journalist” are below:

Trash journalist trash journalist

Yeah, yeah, yeah this is your story
Fake news, gossip, and rumors
Grinding out trash news, that is why you’re hearing this noise
Let’s get it

Trash journalist trash journalist

Talking about the need to keep a clean conscience, what are you talking about?
Ah! You already tried to trash me, make garbage soup out of me
Instigating, tried to step on me, but ended up stepping on a landmine

First one to get pissed loses, it’s you, your story
Getting called a hip hop loser, better than getting called a trash journalist
You manipulate the news, it’s easy isn’t it? Evil, evil
Yang Jinho, learn about what being a boss is, the whole country saw it (wow)

Even I don’t erase comments, but the media does
I guess they pick and choose what they want to hear
It’s like you majored in journalism at Baskin Robbins, yeah that sounds about right
eww ewww ewww developing false hatred through comments
My pen is sharper than knives, but fake fans stained with false ink can get lit up with my rap (pew pew brrrr)

Bad mannered speech? Hatred of women? Fake news is faker than fake, you fucking fired
Record label executive getting everyone drunk, requesting reporters
“Please take good care of my artists later”
As if you’re a somebody
The way I see it, just a bunch of you crowding together blowing each other
Human Centipede 4

This is the reality, it would be a shame for me to call you a reporter
All you nuisance reporters running around everywhere
If you’re going to write a diary, just go home and rest
Ever the hero of the generation, Seo Taeji
I can’t believe what these people are saying, shout out to Yoo Ah In
Cleaning out the closet filled with bad actors
Remember the name of the guy beating you, Chong San!

Trash journalist trash journalist

Yeah, yeah, yeah this is your story
Living by selling other people’s tragedies, bunch of rotten minnows
That is why you’re hearing this noise
Let’s get it!

Trash journalist trash journalist

Well whatever, it’s money right, if it pays then it doesn’t matter who gets hurt, that’s what you do
Polarizing news, pair it with TV
A well-balanced combination of deception, it’s a marriage, a dual combo

“I’m this kind of person”
“This is my strength”
“I put out an article and destroy a person’s life, any comments I don’t like I delete”
Mr. C journalist, how are you so amazing, that passions, it’s good “kyah~”
Fact check, no no, pride in one’s work, no no, the spirit of a “professional”
Sell out yellow journalism is the money-making side
On our side is populism
Why am I being targeted for being awake
What’s the reason for this? Celebrity insta-capture? Inciting fake facts?
Fishing skills are amazing, I acknowledge that you’re a fiendish urban fisherman

I want to go back to a time without this hatred, home sweet home
But these trash journalists are eating up my trail of breadcrumbs
Like Hansel and Gretel who lost their way
In the graham cracker house is a witch, the witch is hunting but in the end burns
For the firewood is, of course, the articles they wrote, burn motherfucker burn

What we want is gender equality, but what we’re in is a gender war
World War 2 killing each other, in the end both sides just blaming each other
So we gotta stop
This is simple math,
Nine out of 10 of you are trash
Nine trash journalists

Trash journalist trash journalist

Yeah, yeah, yeah this is your story
You ignore the truth and distort more bias,
this is why people call you
Let’s get it

Trash journalist trash journalist

You’re getting tired of this endless fighting right?
That’s why I’ll draw the line all the more clear
Absolutely encouraging gender hatred, Megal, Ilbae, and the ones behind it trash journalists

What are your thoughts on San E’s latest song?

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