Performances From 2018 MAMA In Hong Kong

The 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) ended with more incredible performances!

Fans have been gifted with a spectacular show throughout the week as many of the year’s top artists came together to perform at the 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea, then the 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan, and finally the 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong ceremony on December 14.

The performers at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong were BewhY, BTS, Changmo, Chungha, GOT7, Heize, IZ*ONE, JJ Lin, Mommy Son, MOMOLAND, Nafla, Oh My Girl, Palo Alto, Roy Kim, SEVENTEEN, Sunmi, Swings, The Quiett, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Wanna One, and WJSN.

A full list of the winners of 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong can be seen here.

Check out many of the performances below!

Tiger JK and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon – “Double Up”

Chungha dance performance; Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae – “I Want You”

Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy – “Mantra”

Oh My Girl and WJSN – “Wild Card”

Oh My Girl and WJSN – “Girls on Top”

WJSN – “Save Me, Save You”

Oh My Girl – “Remember Me”

Roy Kim – “Only Then,” “The Hardest Part”


MOMOLAND – “BBoom BBoom”

Mommy Son and MOMOLAND – “Boy Jump”

SEVENTEEN – “Oh My!” and “Flower”

SEVENTEEN – “Bring It”

SEVENTEEN – “Getting Closer”

Heize – “Jenga”

Chungha – “Roller Coaster” and “Love U”

Sunmi – “Addict”

Sunmi – “Siren”

IZ*ONE – “Beautiful Color”

IZ*ONE – “La Vie en Rose”

nafla and Swings – “Wu” and “Bulldozer”

The Quiett and Paloalto – “Prime Time” and “Good Day”

Changmo and BewhY – “Maesteo” and “Forever”

E-Sens – “Got to Know”

GOT7 – “Lullaby” (Ballad version)

GOT7’s Jinyoung flying performance + Yugyeom’s “Fine” remix

GOT7’s Jackson, BamBam, and Mark – “Nightmare” + GOT7 – “Lullaby” (Dark version)

Wanna One – “Burn It Up”

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel solo performance

Wanna One – “Energetic”

Wanna One – “Spring Breeze”

Wanna One – “Beautiful”

BTS – “O!RUL8,2? LY Remix”

BTS Intro

BTS – “Airplane Pt. 2”


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