FNC Addresses Post Accusing N.Flying’s Kwon Kwang Jin Of Inappropriate Behavior

FNC has issued an official statement regarding N.Flying’s bass player Kwon Kwang Jin.

On December 18, a post titled “An idol who sexually harasses fans and dates fan site owners” began trending on an online community.

According to the post, Kwon Kwang Jin had allegedly dated fans since his debut and had sexually harassed fans at the group’s fan sign events. The poster included personal anecdotes of the member making sexually offensive comments to fans as well as objectifying them by evaluating their faces and bodies. The post went on to accuse Kwon Kwang Jin of speaking ill of his fellow N.Flying members, his company, and fans.

After the post spread online, many fans began to demand Kwon Kwang Jin’s withdrawal from the group and organized a boycott.

The following day on December 19, FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the incident.

Read FNC Entertainment’s official statement below:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We are here to announce our company’s stance in regards to N.Flying’s Kwon Kwang Jin.

N.Flying has been showcasing enjoyable music while working hard to deliver feelings of joy to fans.

After having meeting and confirming the details regarding Kwon Kwang Jin that is currently circulating online, we have determined that the parts relating to [Kwon Kwang Jin’s] relationship with a fan and the sexual harassment allegations posted by some netizens are not true.

Because we have confirmed that he did have personal interactions with fans outside of official schedules, after long discussions, it has been decided that he will voluntarily leave the team, as such actions are considered improper for [an idol] member. Until we establish the facts, all of Kwon Kwang Jin’s activities will be halted and he will be having a period of self-reflection.

Additionally, we will be confirming the facts surrounding the posts online with both sides and if [such posts] are proven to be false rumors, we will be taking strong action.

We promise that without any changes to the other N.Flying members’ promotional activities, we will deliver great music with an improved image from now on.

N.Flying made their Korean debut in 2015 with their mini album “Awesome.” In 2017, “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Yoo Hoe Seung joined the group. The band recently released their track “Like a Flower” as part of their “Fly High Project.”

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