Watch: “Under 19” Contestants Cover EXO, NCT U, And VIXX + Winner Of Team Battle Revealed

On the December 22 broadcast of MBC’s “Under 19,” the B groups for each team (vocal, rap, and performance) held the second round of team battles.

Last week, the A groups performed BTS’s “I Need U” (vocal) and Block B’s “Her” (rap and performance).

The B groups this week performed EXO’s “Love Me Right” (vocal), NCT U’s “Boss” (rap), and VIXX’s “Shangri-La” (performance).


The first performance of the night was by the B vocal team, performing EXO’s “Love Me Right.” The group struggled with rhythm and harmony during their halfway evaluation, and were hit with the full force of director Solji’s disapproval. Solji then changed the group’s leader from Bae Hyun Joon to Shin Ye Chan and shuffled the parts.

Come performance time, the group had done their homework and impressed Solji with a great performance, earning her praise.

Next up was the B rap team, performing NCT U’s “Boss.” Like the vocal team, the rap team also had trouble with their pre-performance evaluation, being out of key and off-beat. The rap team director, Dynamic Duo, also changed leaders, appointing Yoo Yong Ha.

Yoo Yong Ha pulled the team together with strong leadership, and after putting on a solid performance of NCT U’s “Boss,” were praised by Dynamic Duo.

The final group to perform was the B performance group, hitting the stage with VIXX’s “Shangri-La.” The team showed great determination during practice, with Jeon Do Yeom even personally choreographing a dance break for the song. VIXX’s Ravi and Ken visited the group for their evaluations and didn’t hold back with their compliments.

Come the final performance, the performance group did not disappoint, receiving praise from both Super Junior and their fellow contestants.

With the B groups wrapping their performances, the second round officially ended, with possible eliminations hanging over the groups’ heads. After combining points from the A and B groups for the vocal, rap, and performance teams, first place team would have no eliminations, second place four eliminations, and third place five eliminations.

Last week, the A groups for each team performed, finishing with the rap group on top with 236 points. The performance team came in second with 223 points, while the vocal team was third with 214 points.

This week, the B vocal team received 241 points, for a total vocal team score of 455 points.

The B rap team received 201 points, and the rap team finished with a total of 437 points.

The B performance team was awarded 227 points, which, combined with the A team score, came to a total of 450 points.

This put the vocal team, who had been in third place after the A team battle, in first place. The group had a tearful celebration, having saved all members from elimination.

Yoo Yong Ha, the leader of the rap team, who dropped from first to third place, also spilled tears upon hearing the results. He said in an interview, “The ‘Her’ team [A team] had gotten first place, and I felt so sorry because it felt like the rap team got last place because of the ‘Boss’ team [B team]. Everyone practiced really hard, and it’s just so upsetting that we placed last.”

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