Melody Day Members Announce Disbandment Through Heartfelt Letters To Fans

The members of Melody Day have decided to part ways after four years of working together.

On December 26, Melody Day’s Yeoeun and Yoomin each took to Instagram and announced the group’s disbandment in letters to their fans.

Yeoeun wrote, “Are you having a great end-of-year? I’m filled with regret to deliver such an unfortunate news at such happy times.

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사랑하는 사람들에게 안녕하세요? 멜로디데이 여은입니다. 연말 잘 보내고 계신가요? 행복한 연말에 이런 소식을 전하게 되어 죄송스러운 마음이 큽니다. 10년가까이 함께 했던 회사를 떠나게 되었습니다. 앞으로 멜로디데이로 인사드리기 어려울 것 같습니다. 회사와 멤버들 오랜 시간 함께 했던 만큼 쉬운 결정은 아니었지만 서로를 위하는 마음으로 결정하게 되었습니다. 항상 기다리기만 하는 우리 팬 분들께 가장 미안한 마음입니다. 그동안 주신 사랑에 보답하기 위해서라도 더 좋은 모습으로 인사드릴 수 있도록 더욱더 열심히 달리겠습니다. 앞으로도 저와 우리 멜로디데이 멤버들 예인, 차희, 유민이 위해 많이 응원해주시고 지켜봐주세요! 어렸을 때부터 꿈꿔온 가수라는 꿈을 이루게 해준 로엔, 크래커의 모든분들, 멜디 위해서 일해주신 모든 스태프 분들, 멜로디데이와 멜로디데이의 노래를 사랑해주신 모든 분들과 여러모로 부족한 언니랑 그동안 함께 해준 멤버들 미안하고 고맙고 사랑합니다. 새해에는 좋은소식들고 짜잔!하고 나타날 수 있도록 열심히 하겠습니다. 2018 마무리 잘 하시고 감기 조심하시고 많이 사랑합니다. 지금까지 멜로디데이 여은이었습니다. 감사합니다.

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“I’m leaving my company where I spent the last 10 years. It looks like I will not be able to greet you guys again under the name ‘Melody Day’ from now on. Since I spent such a long time with the company and members, it was definitely not an easy decision to make. However, we ultimately came to an agreement because we only wish the best for each other.

“I feel the most apologetic to our fans who have always just been waiting. To pay back all the love you have given me, I will continue to move forward and show you an improved and better self. Please continue to show support for me and the rest of Melody Day members, Yein, Chahee, and Yoomin!

“LOEN Entertainment, who helped me to achieve a life-long dream of mine to become a singer, every staff member at Cra.Ker Entertainment who worked to make Melody Day happen, fans who have loved Melody Day and Melody Day’s music, as well as our members who walked the journey with me. I thank you, I love you, and I’m sorry.”

She concluded, “I will work hard to bring you good news next year. I hope you conclude this year with happiness and please take care of your health.”

Yoomin said, “It’s been a while since I’ve written you a letter. Many of you must have been wondering about the future plans and whereabouts of Melody Day. It took me a while to get back to you, but I hope you understand the delayed response.”

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안녕하세요 여러분, 멜로디데이 유민입니다. 오랜만에 인사를 드리는것 같아요. 그 동안 멜로디데이의 행보에 대해 많이 궁금하셨을텐데 이제야 이렇게 인사드리는 저를 너그러운 마음으로 이해해 주세요. 저희 네명(여은,유민,예인,차희)는 오랜 고민 끝에, 2018년 12월 부터 크래커 엔터테인먼트와의 계약을 잘 마무리 하고 각자의 길을 걷기로 결정 하였습니다. 멜로디데이의 유민으로 활동했던 지난 4년동안 변함없는 사랑으로 응원해 주신 팬 여러분들께 정말 감사드려요 ?? 그 동안 보여드리지 못한 새로운 모습으로 찾아뵐 수 있도록 노력하고 준비할테니, 앞으로도 관심어린 눈으로 지켜봐주시면 좋겠습니다. 따뜻한 연말 보내시고, 항상 행복하세요❤️

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“The four members (Yeoeun, Yoomin, Yein, Chahee), after a long and thorough discussion, have decided to conclude our contract with Cra.Ker Entertainment in December 2018 and walk separate paths.

“I thank all fans who continued to show support with undeserving love during the last four years I promoted as Melody Day’s Yoomin. I will continue to work hard and prepare myself to greet you with a new side of me, so please continue to send me your encouraging words. Have a great end of year and always be happy.”

Melody Day made their debut in 2014 with single “Another Parting.” They most recently made a comeback with “Restless” on June 29, 2018. Three of the members (Yeoeun, Yoomin, and Chahee) gained recognition from the public when they appeared as the contestants on KBS’s idol rebooting show “The Unit,” where Yeoeun and Chahee made it to the final round.

The group was well known for their vocal talents, which often led to lending their voices to drama OSTs. Yeoeun was even crowned as a champion on “The King of Mask Singer” in 2015 and released her latest OST for KBS’s drama “Mysterious Personal Shopper” on June 21.

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