Stars Look Glamorous On The Red Carpet At The 2018 KBS Drama Awards

The 2018 KBS Drama Awards kicked off on December 31 at the KBS Hall in Yeouido-dong, Seoul to celebrate the diverse dramas that have aired this year on KBS.

The evening was hosted by Uee, who is currently appearing in the hit KBS weekend drama “My Only One,” and Jun Hyun Moo.

Check out some of the looks from the red carpet below!

Uee and Jun Hyun Moo (hosts)

Choi Soo Jong (“My Only One”), Ha Hee Ra (“Lady Cha Dal Rae’s Lover”)

Jang Dong Yoon (“Just Dance“)

Nam Da Reum (“Radio Romance“)

Yoon Park (“Radio Romance”)

Jo Woo Ri (“Queen of Mystery 2“)

Park Se Wan (“Marry Me Now,” “Just Dance”)

Yeo Hoe Hyun (“Marry Me Now”)

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong

Lee Sang Woo (“Marry Me Now”)

Kim Won Hae (“Queen of Mystery 2,” “Are You Human, Too?”, “The Ghost Detective“)

Lee Jang Woo (“My Only One”)

Lee Il Hwa (“Mother’s Third Marriage”)

Seo Hyo Rim (“It’s My Life”)

Seo Kang Joon (“Are You Human, Too?”)

Wang Bit Na (“Mysterious Personal Shopper”)

Jung Hye Sung

Han Sang Jin (“Mysterious Personal Shopper”)

Kim Hyun Sook (“Queen of Mystery 2,” “Are You Human, Too?”)

Jung Hye In (“Love to the End”)

Choi Daniel (“The Ghost Detective”)

Baek Jin Hee (“Feel Good to Die“)

In Gyo Jin (“Feel Good to Die”)

Gong Seung Yeon (“Are You Human, Too?”)

Jin Kyung (“My Only One”)

Han Ji Hye (“Marry Me Now”)

Lee Young Ah (“Love to the End”)

Park Ha Na (“Mysterious Personal Shopper,” “My Only One”)

Seol In Ah (“Sunny Again Tomorrow”)

Go Bo Gyeol

Lee Joo Young (“The Ghost Detective”)

Kim Hwan Hee (“The Miracle We Met”)

Jung Joon Won

Park Min Soo (“Queen of Mystery 2”)

The 2018 KBS Drama Awards will be available on Viki! Check out the live blog here.

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