Update: Fantagio Announces Delayed Release Of ASTRO's

Updated January 16 KST:

The release of ASTRO’s music video for “All Night” has been postponed due to technical errors.

ASTRO’s agency Fantagio Music stated on their official social media account, “Hello, this is Fantagio Music. The release of the music video for ASTRO’s first album “All Light” has been delayed due to technical errors in our system. The music video will be released some time today, so please continue to show your interest and love [for ASTRO]. We apologize to the fans who were waiting for ASTRO.”

Stay tuned for the music video, as it will be uploaded within the next few hours.

Updated January 15 KST:

The music video teaser has been unveiled for ASTRO’s upcoming comeback with “All Night”!

Check it out below:

Updated January 13 KST:

Teaser posters have been revealed for “All Night,” the title track of ASTRO’s upcoming album “All Light.”

Check them out below:

Updated January 10 KST:

The highlight medley has been revealed for ASTRO’s first studio album “All Light”!

Listen below:

Updated January 10 KST:

ASTRO has now revealed Rocky, MJ, and Moonbin’s concept films for their comeback with “All Light”!

Updated January 9 KST:

ASTRO has shared concept films for Cha Eun Woo and JinJin!

Updated January 8 KST:

A concept film of Sanha has been released for ASTRO’s upcoming comeback!

Check it out below:

Updated January 6 KST:

ASTRO has unveiled a second set of teaser photos for their upcoming comeback with “All Light”!

Updated January 3 KST:

ASTRO has released their first teaser photos for their return with the full album “All Light”!

Updated January 1 KST:

ASTRO has shared the teaser release schedule for their upcoming comeback!

The group is gearing up to make their comeback on January 16 and they have lots planned to show fans before the release, including teaser photos, concept films, and a highlight medley.

Check out the schedule below!

Original Article:

ASTRO has unveiled some new info about their return!

Through a moving teaser, it was revealed that the Fantagio boy group will be making a comeback on January 16 with their first full album “All Light.” The teaser includes the text “It’s gonna be all light.”

This will be ASTRO’s first promoted comeback in a year and a two months since the November 2017 release of their mini album “Dream Part.02,” which featured the title track “Crazy Sexy Cool.” The group also shared their special mini album “Rise Up” in July, which was not promoted on most music shows.

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