Watch: NCT Dream Holds A Fun Graduation Ceremony For Mark

NCT Dream had a fun sendoff party for Mark!

On December 31, NCT posted the video “NCTzens Would Like This Too DREAM Ep. 4 (Mark Appreciation Award Ceremony)” on their YouTube account.

SM Entertainment previously announced that Mark would be the first graduate of NCT Dream and commemorated the event with the song “Dear Dream” on NCT Dream’s second mini album.

In the video, NCT Dream members took turns talking about themselves and each other during a “TMI” segment. Renjun revealed that Mark totally fell for someone recently and Jisung correctly guessed, “EXO’s D.O.” Renjun explained, “We recently performed ‘Monster’ together with EXO.”

Mark explained, “I’ve liked D.O.’s singing for a long time,” and talked about how he likes D.O.’s part at the end of “Monster.” He then sent the EXO member a video message, saying, “D.O., I’ll ask you next time about your ad lib singing part.”

The members video called Haechan, who is currently recovering from a fractured tibia, and included him in the celebrations. Reassuring fans, Haechan said, “NCTzens. I’ll show you a better appearance in the new year, so please look forward to it a lot. Happy new year everyone!”

Mark was then presented with a medal and an appreciation plaque. Chenle read out the words on the plaque out loud, which were written by Haechan.

Chenle said, “NCT Dream appreciation plaque. Name: Mark Lee. NCT Dream leader Mark gave other members strength and someone to rely on for the last three years. We thank him and express our feelings with an acrostic poem. Lee Mark has a big heart and big forehead. Thank you for the last three years. We love you. December 31, 2018. From everyone in NCT Dream.”

Mark thanked his members and returned the love with an acrostic poem using “appreciation plaque.” They ended the ceremony with a group photo session, and shared the photos from the event on the group’s Twitter account.

During his interview, Mark stated, “I want to say ‘thank you’ to so many people. I debuted through NCT and was able to participate in a variety of promotions. I don’t expect any more, and I am sincerely so thankful. Doing the NCT Dream Show was so fun, almost to the point where it felt overwhelming. I was happy that I could perform with the members, and I think I’ve already shared any sadness with the fans, so now I just feel relieved.”

He continued, “There are promises that I made with the fans, so I trust the fans, and I also want to see the members grow. I was really really sad, but thanks to Dream Show, I feel like I’m graduating with a clean slate. You guys were the real stars of the show. 7Dream are like friends and we can call each other, so we might not be sad. I’m worried that you guys will be more sad than we are. But, we promised not to be sad, so I hope you guys won’t be sad either.”

He concluded, “I’ll grow and the members will grow, so please wait for us and look forward what we bring in the future. Not everyone might know about 7Dream, but I’m grateful for and value NCTzens who know and love us. I hope we can treasure it for a long time. Thank you to the staff members and people who helped me a lot. Thank you to the members and thank you everyone. I think I graduated really happily, so I’m thankful to all of you. Thank you to everyone for the happy graduation.”

Check out the video below!

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