The East Light's Lee Seok Cheol And Lee Seung Hyun Refute Agency's Claims During Visit To Prosecutor's Office

Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun, formerly of The East Light, visited the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office on December 2 to give their testimony as plaintiffs of their case.

In October 2018, Lee Seok Cheol held a press conference to state that he had been physically and verbally abused by music producer Moon Young Il multiple times across many years. Since then, Moon Young Il has been arrested and is currently being held on charges of continued assault, and CEO Kim Chang Hwan of Media Line Entertainment is also being investigated for abetting violence and violated child protection laws.

Before they entered the building, Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun answered questions from reporters and gave their stance regarding the claims made by CEO Kim Chang Hwan, who held a press conference on December 26 with president Lee Jung Hyun and former The East Light members Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung.

Lee Seok Cheol stated, “I have many things to say about the recent press conference held by the agency. I was upset to hear them saying that I made statements I know I never made. I will continue to do my best to speak honestly for the investigation, and I will speak to them about the actions I am accused of taking that I never did. Like I said in my previous press conference, I just hope that things that this never happen again in the K-pop industry. This isn’t just about what my brother and I went through. I will do my best for today’s questioning.”

The brothers were asked about CEO Kim Chang Hwan’s claim that their father physically abused them. Lee Seok Cheol stated, “He’s never hit us. We’re hurt by their claims. They claimed that he [our father] hit us with a golf club but not only does my father not golf, we’re not well-off enough for my father to afford to golf. Hearing that made me feel so sorry to my father and made me think, ‘Was I wrong for decided to pursue a career in music?’ I’ve always been proud of my father and he has never assaulted us. We’re a family who prefers to talk things out when there’s an issue, and I’m upset that their one statement has made my father a bad father.”

Lee Seok Cheol also refuted claims that his description of Moon Young Il’s assault was exaggerated, stating that he simply described what he had personally experienced. When asked to comment on Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung’s claims that the brothers avoided them in school, Lee Seok Cheol said, “There wasn’t discord in our group. There were personal fights, but there wasn’t discord within the group as whole. And in school, Jung Sa Gang and I are in different grades, so we’re on different floors and rarely see each other. Lee Eun Sung rarely comes to school. They stated in the press conference that we’re avoiding them, but we don’t even have the opportunity to see them to begin with.”

Also, Lee Seok Cheol touched upon CEO Kim Chang Hwan’s release of CCTV footage of the brothers’ father removing instruments from the agency, stating that he will charge their father for theft. He stated, “The CCTV footage is from the day before my press conference in October. Some of those instruments were personal ones. The agency says we stole the instruments, but I don’t see it that way. Some of the instruments were paid for by the agency, but they don’t even know what those instruments are, how they were bought, and how they are used. I went to buy the instruments myself and I was the only one who took care of them. The agency gave me full rights to own and care for the instruments, and I personally paid for all repair costs. Also, I don’t think they can call it theft when my exclusive contract with them is still valid and I am still technically under Media Line.”

Younger brother Lee Seung Hyun was also asked if he had anything to say, and he stated, “I’ve never acted in the ways the agency claimed I did. I don’t think it was fair that they kicked me out completely. I will talk about everything during the investigation.”

Moon Young Il was originally set to be held till December 29 while the investigation was underway, but his detention was extended by 10 days. He is set to receive a sentence within the month.

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