Son Seung Won Arrested For Drunk Driving And Hit-And-Run Incident

Son Seung Won has been placed under arrest.

On January 2, chief judge Lee Un Hak of the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Son Seung Won under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes for fleeing the scene of an accident. This followed an interrogation and investigation to determine the validity of the warrant.

Judge Lee Un Hak said, “The court recognizes the crime, as well as the reason and necessity for the arrest.”

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul previously filed a preliminary arrest warrant for Son Seung Won on charges of fleeing the scene, dangerous driving, driving under the influence, and driving without a license. These are violations of traffic laws which were approved by the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office.

This is the fourth time Son Seung Won has been caught driving under the influence. According to police, the actor was drunk driving around 4:20 a.m. KST on December 26 in the neighborhood of Chungdam when he crashed his car into another vehicle.

At the time of the accident, he had a blood alcohol content of 0.206 percent, which is enough to get his license canceled. However, his license had already been canceled on November 18 due to drunk driving on August 3, 2018.

The driver and passenger of the car involved in the accident sustained injuries due to this crash. After causing the accident, Son Seung Won didn’t take the necessary measures and ran 150 meters (approximately 0.1 miles) away from the scene. He was caught after taxi drivers and residents chased after him.

Musical actor Jung Hwi, who had been sitting in a passenger seat during the accident, released a handwritten apology and stepped down from his musicals.

Son Seung Won debuted in 2009 as a musical actor and has appeared in popular dramas such as “Age of Youth 2” and “Waikiki.”

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