Shin Dong Wook Speaks Up About Lawsuit With Grandfather

Shin Dong Wook has personally explained the claims of fraud made against him by his grandfather.

Previously, TV Chosun released an exclusive report where Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather claimed that his grandson had committed ‘filial fraud’ and that he was going to take legal action. Shin Dong Wook’s agency then released a statement that the two were currently in the middle of litigation, and argued that the claims made by his grandfather were false. Following the agency’s statement, Shin Dong Wook’s father and uncle also stepped forward, sharing their issues with their father regarding the claims of fraud.

On January 4, Shin Dong Wook gave an interview with OSEN regarding the filial fraud claims his grandfather made. He began by saying, “First, I would like to apologize for worrying the public and those who cheered me on in their hearts with an unfortunate incident at the beginning of the year.”

The actor shared, “To explain this incident, I have to go back to 2011. My grandfather had sued my granduncle, so no one in my family was seeing him. Back then, as soon as I was discharged from the military due to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), I briefly went to Gyeonggi province, where my grandfather lives, to greet him. His house, which is nearly 1,000 pyong (approximately 35,000 square feet) was almost in ruins, and my grandfather was in such low spirits that I felt bad. When I said we should live together, he said he would like that. We lived together a while. He was kind to me, and as his grandson I would take him to the hospital and help him with other errands.”

As his father and grandfather had cut off ties with each other, Shin Dong Wook talked about how he had tried to help the two resolve their issues. He tried to have them spend time on weekends, but his grandfather had a change of heart and kicked him out of the house.

Shin Dong Wook remarked, “I think since my father came sometimes, [my grandfather] didn’t need me anymore. He suddenly said that I had scammed him and kicked me out within seven to eight months [of living together]. My father also got kicked out. At the time, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see my grandfather again.”

However, Shin Dong Wook met his grandfather again when he was filming the tvN drama “Live” in November of 2017. His grandfather called him, urgently telling him to come to Icheon [city in Gyeonggi province]. When he saw his grandfather had taken a turn for the worse, he could not ignore him.

Shin Dong Wook explained, “My grandfather held my hand and said, ‘I don’t have many days left to live. Since you’re the eldest grandson, you have to perform the family’s ancestral rites.’ My grandfather wasn’t seeing anyone in our family, so there was no one to perform the ancestral rites. Even if I disliked him, when I heard words like family, it made me emotional.”

He continued, “Afterwards, I sought him out again, and he told me to do the ancestral rites and to take the 15,000 pyong (approximately 53,000 square feet) of land in Daejeon. He said that it was the inheritance for the person who would perform the ancestral rites and continued to offer it to me, while I continued to refuse. I refused it 10 times, and he pleaded with me while crying. As his grandson I could not ignore him. I had no choice but to receive it, and he said if he died he would have no regrets. He must have been in a good mood that day, as he also enjoyed a drink.”

Shin Dong Wook then talked about how after filming “Live,” he would go to his grandfather’s house at 5 a.m. to help with errands and take care of his grandfather. This was when his grandfather gave him the land in Daejeon and the house he was living in in Yeoju.

He commented, “One day, he told me to bring my seal and said he was giving me the house. He said that if he didn’t give it to me now, it could be taken away by somebody. To be honest, I felt forced into the situation as I received it. As my grandfather ordered me to, I went to a certified judicial scrivener and settled things legally and quickly finished with the process. My grandfather took a blank document from our side and told me to stamp it with my seal, but I saw the TV Chosun interview and that’s what he said happened. When the land was given to me, the certified judicial scrivener agreed and my grandfather went with me to the local neighborhood office.”

Shin Dong Wook shared, “As drama filming got extended, I was only able to call him and couldn’t go to him for about 10 days. He then called me and said, ‘You’re a fraud. I never gave you the land. I haven’t even given you a penny. I’m going to bury you so you can’t be a celebrity anymore.’ I was so confused. I was only unable to go to him for 10 days. But within that span of time, he claimed that I wasn’t being a good grandson.”

He added, “I told him that I couldn’t go because I was busy, but he said that I had cut off contact. I still don’t know what the issue is right now; it’s something that I can’t understand. That day, my grandfather went to a law firm and asked for a restraining order. He called it cutting off contact. I still don’t understand it now, to be honest.”

Shin Dong Wook concluded by saying, “I’m thinking of returning the land in Daejeon as well as the house in Yeoju to my grandfather. I had that thought since the beginning, but every time I tried to return the land, he would get angry and say, ‘I don’t need things like that. I can sue,’ or ‘I just need to kill you. You need to go to jail.’ Even if I did return it, I don’t know if he’ll act like before, or what he’ll do.”

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